Google Messages to feature auto-delete OTPs and SMS Categories in India only

Google Messages is rolling out a new feature which is been in talks for a long time. This feature will be only limited to Indian users. This feature will let organize your messages into different categories.

Google Messages will divide your messages into four categories such as (Transactions, Personal, OTP’s, and Offers). So with this, all of your important messages will be more organized and will be saved in the desired category.

In case you paid your Utility bills or make some transactions online all of those messages will be saved in Transactions categories. While other personal messages with your friends or family will be sorted into Personal categories.

Despite this, there will be also another feature to automatically delete One Time Passwords (OTP) after 24 hours. So you won’t manage all of these OTP’s to delete them manually. They will disappear after 24 hours by themselves.

These features will be rolled out for Android users in India having Android Version of Android 8+. For other regions, it’s still unclear whether they are also going to get this feature or not, but don’t worry we will be updating you regarding the upcoming news and updates.

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