Membership to YouTube ‘Premium Lite’ Gives Less ad-free Watching

Nowadays, you can’t view anything on your free YouTube account without the same Eugene Levy auto advertisement being interrupted 27 times. For those of us who want to pay $11.99 per month for YouTube Premium to get rid of advertisements, in part of Europe, YouTube tests an interesting solution.

The new, cheaper version of Premium, named YouTube Premium Lite, was first discovered and confirmed by The Verge and was chosen by customers in locations such as Finland, Norway, and Luxembourg.

It reduces the monthly European Premium fee by almost half from €11.99 to €6.99 and rids advertising subscribers. The only problem is it does nothing else.


A complete Premium subscription not only provides an ad-free user experience but also offline downloads, YouTube Music benefits, and the option to retain a YouTube video backdrop while a second application is open.

To repeat a key point highlighted by The Verge, Premium Lite removes nearly all premium benefits, with a reduction in pricing of only 40 percent. If this service falls in the US for the same price, it might not be really good.

However, given that it is currently under restricted area testing, this is a huge “if.” Premium Lite might never come out or come out with some additional features or a reduced price.

At least, it is wonderful that YouTube looks at various ways of freeing us from the grips of bad advertising.

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