Elon Musk projection for Starlink might need millions of Subscribers

Starlink could be the future of the internet, as it is growing rapidly. SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk said that Starlink’s whole coverage would exceed $20 billion up to $30 billion. After which it would be operational all over the world.

He also stated that his Starlink Terminals cost double the value its been selling. As each Starlink terminal requires almost $1300 to produce. While the company is selling it for just $500. Which could make a huge impact on company investments.

Furthermore, Musk also discloses, that he has partnered with two of the Telecommunications companies that could help Starlink to work between 5G and Fiber.

The interview has been taken, at MWC and was asked about Starlink. He mentioned the recent partnership but didn’t disclose their names. As the company is looking for long-term partnerships.

Moreover, 1700 satellites have been sent to the earth’s orbits. Which makes it able to work in almost 12 countries. Whilst Musk said that it would have 500,000 active users in the upcoming 12 months. Till now it has almost 70,000 active users. In the beta testing period, the company offers its customers the service for just $99.

However, to generate such a great amount of revenue it would require tens of millions of subscribers said analyst Tim Farrar.

Starlink internet will have low latency with a wide range of coverage. Even rural areas will also be able to get access to the internet directly from Satellites. Additionally, telecom operators can expand their coverage by connecting to Starlink, if they have cellular stations in remote areas.

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