Google introduces Pixel 4A that costs only $350

Google Pixel 3a was the affordable smartphone had introduced by Google last year, but now Google has tempted switched into another affordable device the Google Pixel 4A with a super attractive camera that costs only $350. So far, The Google Pixel 4A came up with only a single variant having one color and one size. Yet there is no additional variant to be determined on. The standing point is the price is it’s one of the best selling options with this price point users can get an A tier camera. This device is specially designed for camera users.

The Google Pixel 4a has just only one camera sensor which resembles the multicamera setups with the rounded rectangles. but actually, the phone comes with only one camera having 12 Mp sensor with an f1.7 aperture with OIS. As most of the opinion holders that having a high MP number will give you high-quality photos which are somehow correct but in the case of Google Pixel 4a the numbers are not too great but you can get very high and dynamics photos within a good budget range.

As Google Pixel 4a is a camera phone, so in case of performance you can’t expect a high-range device performance, and yes that’s true the Google Pixel 4a is not that much good in performance but all in all it’s not that much worse. The only thing which we can blame is the Qualcomm snapdragon 730G. Under the hood, you can get a 128gb of storage along with a 6gb of ram, and that is the only variant anyone can get. There is no expandable card slot but having 128gb is much enough.

The Google Pixel 4a is packed up with a 5.8 inches display with an OLED capacitive touch screen. You can get a 1080p display with 60hz, so it doesn’t feel that much smooth like the high-end 120hz display phone but one thing which makes it worthier is its price. This phone comes with a 3140 mAh battery which will give you 5 hours of screen time while using continuously.

Above all, by getting this smartphone you always be the first who gets a series of updates which is next to standing given priorities to the founders of Google Pixel by Google. This makes the customers stand up over other devices who must wait for updates until the Google user’s smartphone had got with it enough.

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