iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus; Which one you should buy in 2021

iPhone 6s Plus is the upgraded version of iPhone 6 Plus, released back in 2015, while the iPhone 7 Plus was released back in 2016. Both these devices are the best one at there time; however, it’s 2021, and Apple has released a bunch of new iPhone’s with upgraded internals. So the question is, that Is it worth to buy any of these phones?

Currently, the iPhone 12 series is the flagship lineup; however, it’s been rumoured to see some of the new iPhones in 2021 as well. Apple phones are reliable because of its software optimization.

For most of the Apple fans, it is quite difficult to purchase the latest iPhone models, so they go for it’s alternatives. We will cover both of these old iPhone devices, that either you should buy it or not in 2021.

iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus

Body Design

iPhone 6s Plus has a similar design to the iPhone 6 Plus, but the company made some internal modifications. Simultaneously, the iPhone 7 Plus was the first Apple device to feature a dual-camera lens.

iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus

The 6s Plus has a glass front and an Aluminium back. Gorilla Glass protects the screen; overall, the phone is exactly similar to 6 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus is also made from Aluminium, with aluminium back and glass front. However, the 7 Plus is IP67 dust and water-resistant (up to 1m for 30 minutes).


The screen structure of both devices looks similar, but there are a few changes regarding features. The 6s Plus comes with a 5.5 inch IPS LCD, which has a 1080 x 1920p resolution. While the iPhone 7 Plus also comes with a 5.5-inch display, but the main difference is that, the 7 Plus features a Retina IPS LCD.

Both the displays are protected by Ion-Strengthened glass. Both displays are 3D Touch displays, but the 7 Plus home button also feature a 3D touch feature.


Apple iPhone 6s Plus runs on iOS 9, which is also upgradable to iOS 14.4. While the 7 Plus runs on iOS 10.0.1 and is upgradable to iOS 14.4

The 6s Plus is powered by Apple A9 chip, while the 7 Plus is powered by A10 Fusion Chip, which in performance is much better than the 6s Plus. In terms of performance, the iPhone 7 Plus is better than the 6s Plus because of its A10 Fusion chip. The device runs smoothly and opens all of your desire apps quickly. Even you can also play games in HD settings.

iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus in 2021
Image Source: Ultfone

The 6s Plus comes with a 2GB of Ram, while the 7 Plus has a 3GB of ram. Other than this there are multiple variants available in both devices. You can choose your favourite one.


A single 12MP sensor mounted on the back of 6s Plus has the capability to record videos up to 4k @30fps and 1080 @120fps. However, on the front you will get a 5MP standard camera, that can record selfie video up to 720p @30fps.

iPhone 7 Plus
Image Credit: Tecworkz (Youtube)

Regarding photography, the iPhone 7 Plus is the best choice for us because of the dual camera lenses that make the phone able to capture photos in portrait. The 7 Plus features a 12 MP wide and a 12 MP telephoto lens. On the front, there is a 7MP selfie shooter.


Both these Apple devices feature a front-mounted fingerprint scanner, which Apple discontinued in the latest models. After the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the company has changed the entire design. In which they removed the front-mounted fingerprint scanner as well. Most of the iPhone users still prefer the home button.

From different reports, it’s also been mentioned that the iPhone 13 will feature the under-display fingerprint scanner.

The 6s Plus and 7 Plus both supports Apple Siri language commands.


Apple iPhone 7 Plus packs a 2900 mAh of a non-removable battery, while the 6s Plus pack a 2750 mAh battery. The 7 Plus has a slightly bigger battery than the 6s Plus. But according to Gsmarena, the 6s Plus has an 84h endurance rating, while the 7 Plus has 75h.


In my opinion, the iPhone 7 Plus is the best choice to go for. The phone has some promising features and good internals. Still, the iPhone 7 Plus receive Apple latest updates, which makes it valuable to money. If you are seeking for a used or renewed iPhone, the 7 Plus is the best choice. You will get the iPhone 7 Plus for a reasonable price on Amazon.

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