Google introduces Nearby Share

Google has revealed Nearby Share having similar proximity to Apple Airdrop. Since long Apple Airdrop has its adherence with its founders, but now Google has finally broken through such features for their Andriod Users after along time. Google has revealed the Nearby Share today and this feature will have annexation the Google Pixel and Samsung Devices today.

The Google Airdrop has prominence to working on Andriod 6.0 or Above, Google hyped up that the Nearby Share will have close proximity with other Andriod devices very soon. This device has brought about more simplifications to the users can just click on the Share icon and the device will automatically pick up other available devices open for sharing.

Google has officially declared that the Nearby Share will have its existence on Google Chrome books by next month. The Feature is expected to be contributing to other Windows PCs in the near future. However,  there is no official news about that. Nearby Share will be more lucrative for Andriod Users instead of using other third parties apps.

As the affirmation has taken place by Google that users can use it back to back purposes while sending and receiving files Anonymously. Google Airdrop can also work offline on Whatever method like Bluetooth, Bluetooth low Energy, WebRTC, or peer to peer Wi-Fi. Google Airdrop users will not be able to share files with iOS, Mac, or Windows. This shows that the Nearby Share feature will only work with Andriod to Andriod just like Apple Airdrop from Apple to Apple.

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