LoveROMS and LoveRETRO shut down after Nintendo sued owner, Jacob Mathias


Nintendo recently sued two websites LoveROMS and LoveRETRO for copyright and trademark infringements. That too, for a whooping $100 million! And, from how it has proceeded, it seems Nintendo is winning once again. If you read the article, you would remember Nintendo had some demands apart from the damages. They wanted to shut down the websites to begin with. Fortunately, for Nintendo, LoveRETRO and LoveROMS have shut down.

UPDATE (4th September 2018): Jacob Mathias looks to settle Nintendo Lawsuit out of court.
UPDATE (13th November 2018): Mathias to pay $12 million to Nintendo shut down on 23rd July 2018 was the first to shut down among the two websites. It shut down on 23rd July itself, two days after we reported about Nintendo’s lawsuit. Accessing LoveRETRO will now yield a notice saying, “Loveretro has been shut down until further notice.” This is what you see when you access the website now:-'s shut down notice saying, "Loveretro has been shut down until further notice."
LoveRETRO shut down notice

If you look at the URL bar, it says, They have removed the SSL security certificate as there’s no https://. But if I go to another URL that existed on the website, say,, it instead of redirecting to the notice page gives a 404 error:-

Other LoveRETRO links give a 404
404 on other LoveRETRO links

What this means?

Since the inner pages give a 404, it’s highly likely that the team has taken down LoveRETRO completely with all the data on their server. And, the 404 page seems to be the Webhost’s default 404 page. So, basically the whole web directory for LoveRETRO could be empty right now. shut down on 25th July 2018

As of 25th July (IST), has been shut down too. I am not sure why it was shut down two days after LoveRETRO since both these sites were “notorious online hubs for pirated video games,” as put by Nintendo. Anyways, right now, upon accessing the website, you get a notice saying, “LoveROMs has been shut down.”'s shut down notice saying, "LoveROMs has been shut down."
LoveROMS shut down notice

Unlike LoveRETRO, LoveROMS has it’s SSL security intact and every link that existed on LoveROMS now redirects to There are no webhost’s default 404 pages like LoveRETRO.

What this means?

LoveROMS still has their SSL intact, has no 404 pages and redirects to a single maintenance.html page. This could mean that LoveROMS hasn’t been completely taken down like LoveRETRO and might have the data intact. In other terms, it could be a temporary shut down for LoveROMS.

Did authorities shut down LoveRETRO and LoveROMS or did Mathias himself?

It seems Mathias Designs themselves took down the websites. I am sure because if authorities had taken the websites down, we wouldn’t be seeing such a fancy notice.


It still isn’t clear though, how well or bad the legal proceedings are going. We will be looking for more news and will keep you updated. Do you guys think the websites are actually notorious for hosting retro games that aren’t sold anymore?

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