WhatsApp data transfer from iOS to Android could be possible soon

Transferring WhatsApp data from an iPhone to an Android phone is always a tricky part. This isn’t possible yet, however, Chat migration could be soon possible from an iPhone to Android device via the Google Data Restore tool.

Google Data Restore tool has been launched recently, which is already present in Android devices. This is mostly used for transferring your previous data while setting up a new Android device. It always appears whenever you are setting up a new phone.

A report from 9to5 Google mentioned that Google Data Restore Tool will soon allow users to transfer data between iPhone and Android. A new update, which was released recently on Google Play Store, shows references to copying data from an iPhone to Android. Despite this, Google didn’t reveal anything yet about this feature.

WhatsApp is working on a Chat Migration feature between iOS and Android. Till now nothing has been shared via the officials. Whilst Google Data Restore Tool could be the platform to have this feature.

Via the Google Data Restore tool users will scan a QR code with their iPhone. Which will redirect the users to the Chat Migration setting. As the Facebook-owned company and Google are working apparently on the Chat Migration feature, which might be unveiled soon. Furthermore, there isn’t any official announcement made yet.

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