The Apple Card now has a gateway at your single clicked convenience

Apple has introduced a new web portal of Credit Card which offloads all of your utilities including odds. The paid customers make access through  The new web portal is not the one meeting your all overwhelming needs replacing iPhone or iPad, nonetheless, you are still needed one of Apple’s devices to actually apply for the Apple Card, which means, despite the web portal, it’s still efficiently confined to Apple customers only.

Once you log in to, you can view the entire particulars regarding payment schedules, upcoming payments, statements, contact support, and access various settings that let you add your bank account and more. Previously, users had to depend on the Wallet app on iPhone devices to run their Apple Card. Even Mac users can’t manage it from their Macbook.

The company has expanded majorly its supporting accessibility for Apple Card monthly installment plans to be used when purchases are made from the online Apple Store. Unlike  Previously users had to use the Apple Store app for iOS or Safari browser on Mac, but now one-click access been introduced for customers convenience, the monthly installments are available on each product page on the Apple Store users would have to pay if they use their Apple Card.

Apple still needs to have a Wallet app for iPad or Mac, so as all the processes to be managed through expanding Card web. This not only makes it accessible to customers with Macs and iPads, but it also allows customers to be at the next door visitors using their Windows PCs or Android devices to login from their browsers and manage Apple Card.

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