Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is to come with 108MP camera

As Samsung launches there flagship devices every year. last year was for the Samsung Galaxy S20. This year the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been unveiled. Samsung keeps working on its next flagship device which is the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Of course, many eyes would have been waiting restlessly for such mega Series. As almost Six months to go in its next launching. Of course, the rumors go mouth to mouth making its hype for profound coverage.

One of the mind-boggling news has been dispatched by a popular tipster (@Ice Universe), sharing on his Twitter account about the Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra @Ice Universe (Galaxy S21 Ultra,Still 108MP, the sensor is the successor to HM1) All though there is no such news about the hardware and other specs of the S21 and S21 Ultra from the leak it has been exposed that the Samsung S21 Ultra will be featured by the 108MP camera same like it’s sibling S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20 was the first-ever Smartphone by Samsung which had been featured up with a 108MP camera. This is one of the sufficient camera devices which can meet up all the founder’s desires. So far, looking at the mega capacity there will be no change regarding the Camera in S21 series. As it’s something anonymous that what difference will Samsung bring about regarding the new sensor and the HMX, but the sensor will be the same as used in S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra.

As Samsung’s users may show their dissatisfaction over the recent flagship devices 108 MP camera, it could be worse as compared to other companies offering. The Sony IMX700 which has been installed in the Huawei P40 Pro is far better than the S20 Ultra. But next time Samsung might change the game using some good sensors like the Sony IMX700 etc. This was the first leak regarding the Samsung S21 Ultra, we will be getting more and more rumors and leaks regarding S21 and S21 Ultra in the near future. There might be hardware changes in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

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