iPhone 13 models to comes with LTPO displays, as evaluated by Analyst

iPhone 13 lineup to feature an LTPO display as rumors suggest. The reason for the LTPO display is to enable a high refresh rate of up to 120HZ on the upcoming iPhone lineup. Since, some reports suggest, that there could be only one model to feature an LTPO display. However, an Analyst evaluates, that this will not be the case.

A tweet from an Analyst (via MacRumors) believes to have LTPO display on two different variants. So according, to him, the rumors about one device featuring LTPO is inaccurate. As there would be multiple devices to have this technology.

We could expect the Apple iPhone 13 Pro max and iPhone 13 Pro with a refresh rate of 120HZ. This would be only possible with an LTPO display. According to recent reports, it’s been cited that Samsung might provide these display for the upcoming line.

iPhone still doesn’t have a 120HZ refresh rate enabled on any iPhone till yet. As Apple phones are getting too expensive. Likewise, we have seen other companies providing 120HZ refresh on their devices within a great budget.

As fans expect the higher refresh rate in the current iPhone 12 lineup before its launch. But that didn’t happen at all. However, the expectations are on hype, as rumors have already suggested seeing the iPhone 13 Pro max and iPhone 13 Pro with an LTPO display.

Furthermore, if it happens there will a feature of reducing the refresh rate by itself once the users don’t act on the screen. Similarly, we have experience in the latest Apple Watch models. According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 13 lineup might be unveiled later this year.

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