Cardano Price Prediction: ADA Price is still in a downtrend

Cardano is in a bearish downtrend, with the Cardano ADA price falling. September has been tough on traders, but some expect the crypto asset to go either bullish or bearish from here depending on their outlook for this market – investors should keep an eye out.

Some might say that as a result of the recent flash crash in cryptocurrency markets Cardano is suffering too. But don’t be fooled by this short-term pain – they are built to last. Analysts are predicting a lot of potential for Cardano.

Cardano Price Prediction

The Cardano price is still stuck in a bearish triangle for most of September. With the failed attempts by bulls to break out, bears are very much in control and dictating prices to lower levels on downward trends.

ADA is in a downtrend as it approaches $1.893, with its fourth retesting already and the base being ready for another break lower to test that level again soon enough when price pressure mounts from bears. The bulls might be getting tired of defending this level.

With Cardano bulls being held up now, it’s only a matter of time before bears take control and drive prices down toward $1.677- which could be seen as vital for any investors looking to get out before they lose even more money.

The Cardano ADA is well-positioned to withstand the market correction that happened recently. The coin’s durability is one reason it was chosen, as the currency has proven itself several times with its Teflon-like durability and is always ready for anything.

ADA Cardano Price Prediction

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly changing. However, one coin that has proven its worth over time and continues to grow in value despite recent fluctuations on the market is Cardano (ADA). WalletInvestor believes this crypto will double up with an increase by September 2022, reaching $4.52 per token.

Furthermore, Coin Quora has seen the potential for ADA to grow exponentially this year. If bullish trends continue, they may push through $3 resistance and reach prices as high as 7.

Despite recent fluctuations, GOV Capital thinks ADA is expected to reach $3.15 a coin and stay at that point for a while – enough time to make its new highest-ever price.

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