PS5 Restock on GameStop is confirmed; find your nearest store location

A new PS5 Restock is happening soon. The latest consoles from Sony are expected to be in-store at your local GameStop on Thursday, September 30.

Show off those preorders and grab some of that must-have merch before it sells out! The latest restock is happening Thursday, September 30, at select GameStop stores.

PS5 Restock GameStop

GameStop has confirmed that a PS5 restock will happen on Thursday, September 30. select stores are getting these consoles for sale to customers, and it’s time you got yours before they’re gone.

GameStop PS5 Restock

Major retailers had been offering the restock online during the pandemic, but this time GameStop will be offering the next-gen consoles for purchase in-store.

The information age is here, and we’re finally able to find out which stores will have stock for our favourite video game consoles. Fortunately, GameStop has a helpful tool on their website that can tell you where in your local area they are located.
Unfortunately, it seems like this PS5 restock of the new console won’t be as significant with only three cities having some available inventory– Atlanta, Dallas – Ft Worth; New York City.

This PS5 restock will be available on a limited basis at GameStop stores, not including standalone consoles. The company has been bundling its supply with additional items since launch, and even this in-store event only bundles prebuilt package deals for sale.

PS5 for Sale on GameStop

Be sure to check out the ps5 for sale on Thursday, September 30. You can find stock at select locations, and it will only be available during that time! The list of stores has been posted online, so make sure you get there early. If your city isn’t listed, then you have to wait for the following announcement. Retailers have yet to confirm any online PS5 restocks, but we expect further drops this week.

For further PS5 Restock Information, make sure to check toms guide PS5 Restock Hub for all of your needs. In addition, this guide will be updated daily with fresh updates about in-store pickups and new releases that are coming soon.

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