Apple planned to set the manufacturing Plant in India and Vietnam.

Apple to start the production of there products outside China. The Company has planned to ramp the production of all there device outside China. The production of the Apple iPhones, Macs, iPad and iMac’s, will start in 2021 in India and Vietnam.

According to the China and US tension, the company has decided to shift the plant to India and Vietnam. Nikki Asia cited that iPhone 12 devices would start in India later this year; while the iPad and Homepads are set to manufacture in Vietnam.

Apple key supplier Foxconn has received the licence to construct a Vietnam plant, that will cost approximately $270 million as it is set to construct the plant in Bac Giang (a province in Vietnam).

Apple has new plans for the future; the reason for moving plants from China to India is not only the US and China tension. But the main reason is the labour cost and especially the Pandemic. Due to which there is an outbreak in the supply chain. The company has planned to set several options for the future. However, in India, Apple has increased the iPhone productions.

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