Apple iOS 15 new feature lets you Translate any text

No longer will you have to Google Translate a foreign menu on your phone, but instead just point it at the text and get an instant translation. This new iOS update packs some powerful features into one place that usually takes several apps for each feature individually. One of those is being able to translate any written language live.

Soon, iOS 15 will be released and everyone with an iPhone can test out this new translation feature. Users of the beta version are already able to try it out on their devices. It is packed full of features that include a powerful language tool capable of translating any text displayed on your screen!

Now anyone running the iOS 15 beta can test out this awesome new tool on their device. The update will be available for all devices sometime soon.

Would you rather have the translations saved on your device? Toggle ‘Offline Mode’ when opening up for the first time after updating!

Steps to translate live text on iOS 15

  • In order to translate text, tap and hold the selected area until it becomes highlighted. Drag your finger over all of the words you want to highlight in one quick motion. This will become a selection box when they are done highlighting correctly on both sides.
  • A menu will display options like Copy, Share and Look up. To reveal more options, tap the small arrow to go ahead select Translate which may be found in this list after you do so.

Furthermore, Apple’s Translate app is even easier to use. With the new update, you can now understand someone who speaks another language with just a tap of your finger!

The iPhone now has a better conversation feature. All you have to do is tap the microphone in order for your voice or theirs to be heard on the other side of the phone, Mac Rumors reports.

You can also use Auto Translate which automatically detects when someone starts and stops talking so that they don’t need to interact with their device at all; it will know what was said through text messages alone!

The Face to Face View splits the conversation into two sides, with each side adapting as needed based on language. The orientation could also be Side by Side, having both parties see their own text bubbles displayed in different colors or languages for easy comprehension and clarity of communication. Besides this, you can also try out other best translators such as Google Translate, DeepL translate, Bing Translate, etc.

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