WordPress 5.0 with Glutenburg Editor, Twenty Nineteen Theme released: What’s new?

WordPress 5.0 with Glutenburg Editor, Twenty Nineteen theme is out

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) or Blogging software in the world. Techarim runs on WordPress too. On 6th December, Automattic released the latest WordPress 5.0 update with Glutenburg Editor, Twenty Nineteen Theme and more.

Each WordPress update brings something new for both writers and developers. This huge update, though will change the way you write and edit articles. At the same time, multiple updates to the Developer APIs means easier plugin and feature development for 3rd party developers too.

WordPress 5.0 Changelog: What’s new?

Based on your website host’s settings, you might be able to update to the latest and greatest yet in a few minutes. But, before that let’s see what this new update brings to the table:-

1. Gutenburg Editor

Glutenburg Editor on WordPress 5.0
Glutenburg Editor

The all new Gutenburg Editor is definitely the most mention worthy feature on WordPress 5.0. It has been in developement for some time now. You could already download the plugin and use it on an earlier version of WordPress.

With 5.0, Glutenburg is the default Editor. Please note that, if you had installed and disabled Glutenburg and used it on an earlier version of WordPress, then it wouldn’t be the default once you upgrade to WordPress 5.0. In that case, you can activate it in Plugins Menu.

Anyways, the new Editor is extremely user-friendly. It uses blocks for easy placement and better control of text and images. You have blocks for Paragraph, Headings, Code, etc. This, though, very helpful for beginners, isn’t really convenient for us classic users. If you ever want to return to the old Editor, just install the Classic Editor Plugin.

2. Twenty Nineteen Theme

Twenty Nineteen Theme on WordPress 5.0 is Glutenburg Editor ready
Twenty Nineteen Theme

Each year, WordPress releases a new free theme that comes bundled with WordPress as the default theme. Twenty Nineteen has been in development and available for the past few months. Each new theme, though minimalist, respects the latest HTML, CSS policies for that year. This year though, Twenty Nineteen Theme has been designed keeping Glutenburg in mind.

This is where things get interesting. As an article editor, Glutenburg might not seem like much. But, with a Glutenburg ready theme to go with it, it opens up a lot of opportunities. For beginners, it becomes extremely easy to theme your post pages. You can change many aspects of your page or post from within the Glutenburg Editor.

So, if you are a beginner with no prior knowledge of HTML and CSS, Glutenburg Editor plus Twenty Nineteen is the new mantra.

For other users though, the Editor lets you make heavy layouts pretty easily. The combo of the two new additions means you will have to fiddle with the HTML less and less.

3. Easier development, updated APIs

With ‘Blocks’ being the foundation of the Glutenburg Editor, developers can make plugins without worrying about accidental code edits. With Blocks, users can edit their content directly without much hassle. At the same time, developers don’t have to worry about the content being changed by code edits as Blocks preserve the data within them.

Developers also get access to the Block APIs that lets them control the output and make it more user-friendly.

How to install or update to WordPress 5.0?

If you are going to be installing WordPress anew, go to WordPress.org and follow the instructions there. To update to the latest WordPress version, follow these steps:-

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. On top, you will find a notification saying, “WordPress 5.0 is available! Please update now.” Click on it.
  3. Confirm the update by clicking on “Update now.” But, before you do that, I suggest you read the precautions listed below.

Precaution before installing WordPress 5.0

While for us, it’s as simple as clicking on the Update button, there’s a lot going on backstage with the update process. Like a power outage during a PS4 update might brick it, an interruption during the WordPress update might cause problems too.

This might happen, for example, say if you run out of bandwidth on your hosting account. To avoid any such interruptions, backup your whole website before updating.

This is very simple on cPanel, where all you have to do is go into the backup menu and download the backup file (usually a tar.gz). But, if you use any other kind of hosting, I suggest backing up all the files and also backing up the MySQL database. If you have any doubts, just comment below.


If you have are a beginner and have been afraid of “difficulty” in setting up a wesbite, I suggest you start now with the new WordPress 5.0. For more articles, subscribe via email to us in the sidebar.

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