Spotify native beta app for M1 Macs announced, here is how to download it

Spotify the world’s largest music streaming service has finally expanded its support for Apple M1 Macs. The app now works natively on the new M1 Mac, without using Apple Rosetta 2 technology. It is currently in beta version, while the regular version is yet to announce.

This announcement is been made nearly after the eight months of the M1 Mac. As most of the M1 Mac users were asking about the native app support. However, finally, Spotify has announced its official app for newly designed Apple Macbooks.

Spotify support page mentioned,

“We have been working hard backstage on this and are happy to announce that we now have a Beta version of our app available. It features many compatibility improvements and optimizations for the new Apple architecture”.

This native Spotify app is compatible with all the new Apple Silicon Macs, such as M1 Macbook Air, M1 Macbook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. Users can download it from the official Spotify website.

How to download Spotify on M1 Mac’s

  • Simply visit the Spotify website, click download Beta App from here.
  • Then double click the .dmg file and drag it to your Applications folder. It will replace the current version of Spotify already existing in your Application folder.


As this is the beta version and there might some fluctuations occur. So be patient and use the current beta version, as the regular version will be announced soon.

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