Pubg will be playable on Xbox Series X/S & PS5 officially announced


Pubg Corporation Krafton has confirmed that Pubg will playable on the next-generation consoles from the very first day. The next-generation consoles are too closed to be unveiled, the Xbox Series X/S will be launched globally on November 10th. While the PlayStation 5 will be launched on November 12th in some specific countries and will be released worldwide on November 19th.

As a lot of question was arising by the Console users, that can we will be able to play Pubg on PS5, or Xbox X/S? here is the answer the corporation has announced that yes the users of the current console will be able to play the game on their next-gen consoles. The users will be able to continue the game on next-generation consoles without any additional cost, as well as they can continue on the same Pubg account they are playing currently.

The Corp has also announced that we are happy to announce that the game will also support a cross-generation multiplayer platform. That mean’s that the users of PS5 or PS4 will be able to play the game with Xbox Series X/S or Xbox one users.

Pubg FPS on Different Consoles

Xbox Series X/S

The game will run at max 60fps on Xbox Series X, while on Xbox Series S the game will run at 30fps. Also, the Pubg corp has mentioned that we are working to maximize the frame rates on Xbox Series S also.

PlayStation 5

On PS5 the game will run at maximum 60fps, as the frame rates option is releasing on PS4 Pro and Xbox One with the 9.1 October update. As the corp has already tested the game on a next-generation PS5 console and said that the gameplay is extremely smooth and stable, although there are no such frame drops while playing it.

So wait until the next generation consoles release, grab your favorite consoles, and play Pubg without any extra cost.


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