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PUBG Season 10 Update 10.1 revealed a new map and many features

Cody Alden



PUBG Season 10 Update 10.1 revealed a new map and many features

The much-awaited season 10 update of PUBG is around the corner. The developers have released the beta version of the game to test newly added features. 10.1 patch update showed that season 10 will have a new map called Haven. This map is not large in size (1km by 1 km), hence players will not have large areas to kill their enemies. Thus, they have to be quick in order to kill opponents.

Moreover, the upcoming update will feature a team of AI enemies. This team is Pillar who will try to stop and kill you. Pillar has the ability to call helicopters and heavily armed with bullets tactical truck that will cause severe damage in a short time. You can read the full patch report 10.1 update details by clicking here.

Pubg New Haven Map

Newly added map Haven is small but dense. Players will have to go through its urban streets and rooftop making it harder to survive than getting a kill. It is essential to cover yourself from the giant AI faction aka Pillar who will work against you. Pillar will call the scout helicopter who will track the exact position of the player. A heavily armed tactical truck will then shoot tracked players with tons of bulletin blink of an eye. It is harder to survive than to kill this season.

The new map is a one-season only-feature. It will only be available in season 10 and not in any coming seasons.

Season 10 New Survival Pass

Indeed, like every other season, this season will also have a new survival pass and rare cosmetic bundles. From In-game exclusive items to premium crate rewards all are based on the Christmas and winter-themed season such as ice gun skins and emote. Player needs to buy the new season to get their hands on season’s rewards.

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