Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliff new update Leaks  rolled out

The highly expected Minecraft 1.17 Cave update has made the fans wonder about what the new update will look like? What will be the new features of the game? What are Caves and Cliff leaks?

Ulraf game developer of Minecraft at Mojang asked fans about their opinions and suggestions on Twitter. In return, Ulraf gave Minecraft fans some hints and leaks about the new Minecraft 1.17 cave update. The new update will have new features of Archy tools like brush, Ceramic shards, and Jars. The aim of adding more Archy tools is to explore and discover the new gameplay of the game using ancient artifacts. Thus, the game becomes more fun and interesting to play.

However, he did not declare anything specifically about  Minecraft update 2021. But, according to some reports, the update will be in mid-2021. Fans are anxiously waiting for the new update so they can enjoy the new gameplay of the game as soon as possible.

The beta version of Bedrock will be available for Windows 10, Android, and Xbox one players. Minecraft Bedrock Beta will have the new Caves and Cliff themed gameplay for the players to explore and experiment on the new update. This will allow you to experience the actual gameplay before the update arrives eventually.

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