Google is cutting the pay of its staff up to 10%

According to Google pay calculator, the tech giant has decided to cut the pay of its employees working from home. The working from home (WFH) started during the start of the pandemic. Since then many companies came to know if WFH is suitable then they’ll continue this strategy as long as the whole world is Covid free.

After looking at their staff’s remote work, many tech giants have started to cut the pay of their workers after seeing their locality. As per the sources, the Silicon Valley firm has not implemented this policy in the UK yet.  In addition to this, the policy of cutting salaries of workers varies from state to state and city to city.

To recall, the pay cut is only applicable to the USA workers of Google who opt to work from home permanently. Moreover, the remote workers or staff from a long distance from the office will also face the same condition, even though without changing location.

The companies believed their workers living in inexpensive locations and doing their remote work will consume less money as compared to living in a high-standard community.

Many big companies have started thinking about how they will resume their offices for work after the end of the pandemic. Therefore, the companies have been developing plans for their remote workers. While some of the Silicon Valley companies have already started their offices’ work after seeing the Covid vaccination certificate from their employees.

As we all know, the main headquarters buildings from all the tech giants are located in the USA, therefore, the pressure is on Biden’s administration. On the other hand, the superpower is also facing the consequences Delta variant of the Covid-19 within the country.

Small tech companies, such as Reddit and Zillow are giving full salaries to their employees Working From Home. On the contrary, other major tech giants, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter are offering less pays to their staff working remotely. To sum up, it depends upon the companies that offer salaries to their employees. As mentioned, different companies have different tactics for offering pays to their remote as well as their office staff.

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