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COD Mobile New Lucky Draw reveals First-Ever Legendary Character Skin

Madison Klotz



The Dark Side luck draw has arrived and for the first time, COD Mobile players will get their hands on the Legendary Character Skin. Following the dark theme of Season 12, the Lucky draw includes Nikto- Legendary character skin in the game. Along with other legendary gun items, emotes, etc. The newest lucky draw takes the game features to next level with first-ever UAV-Scorestreak skin. If you haven’t purchased the new items, we suggest you do not miss this chance because it may never come again.

Items of Dark Side Lucky Draw

According to the traditions of Call of Duty Mobile, Activision often launches 2 or 3 luck draws in one month. As they are producing quality content for its large audience. This new lucky draw has more importance than any other ever before. Let’s look inside the Lucky draw for full details:

Legendary Character Skin

Call of Duty Mobile players can get the first-ever impeccable legendary character skin. Unlike before, Players will see the introduction of Nikto in a unique red-themed version.

Legendary Weapon Gun Skins

Along with the new character, there are several weapons players will also get in the Lucky Draw. The new Handgun .50 Calamity looks fantastic having red animated skin. It also creates a cool red effect after killing the opponent. XPR-50 Dark red is a brilliant gun skin. However, the sniper rifle is not popular among YouTubers and many players will not be using it for sure.

Call of duty new weapon skin

Image Source: Call of Duty Mobile

Other Items

As expected, every lucky draw comes with new Emotes. This one has a cool Skull Throne emote where the player can sit on a chair as the king sits on with his crown. First-ever UAV skin and Dark themed Motorcycle skin for BR grinders.

For more information, you can read the full details here on COD Mobile official website.

Madison Klotz is Senior Editor at Techarim. She previously worked for Crunchbase News as Editor in Chief as well as The Next Web, TechCrunch, and Mattermark.

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