Xiaomi launches Survival Game, a BR game like PUBG: Download APK (194MB)

Xiaomi's Survival Game (194MB) launched to compete with PUBG, Fortnite

PUBG and Fortnite are the top Battle Royale games currently worldwide. But, Xiaomi has a habit of competing everywhere possible. This time, Xiaomi has launched a BR game called ‘Survival Game’ like PUBG and Fortnite.

Xiaomi claims that they understand India’s love for such competitive games. And that, Survival Game is designed specifically for the Indian market.

Xiaomi’s Survival Game: Features & Details

First of all, let’s just begin with how lame the name is :D! Let’s hope that Xiaomi chooses a better name later into development. That said, the game has been in Beta since October, 2018. Even right now, the game is not completely stable.

Much like PUBG’s plane, Survival Game has a spaceship with players inside. And, these players are then dropped who then fight for their survival. The last man standing wins it all.

There are multiple characters to choose from. Players can choose from these to give them a great experience in combat.

There are weapons spread throughout the area. And, you can kill the other players to seize their possessions.

Survival Game players can also access a jetpack. Xiaomi believes the jetpack will provide a better tactical gaming experience.

Apart from that, the game works much like PUBG or Fortnite. Though, Survival Game has a long journey ahead if it wants to compete with the current BR games.

Download Xiaomi’s Survival Game

Right now, Survival Game is available exclusively via Mi Apps Store on Xiaomi phones. The game has a very small size of 194MB. This is a very small amount compared to PUBG’s 1.6GB.

The game was uploaded to Mi Apps Store by a developer, SuperEdguy. To download the game, you will need a Xiaomi phone with Mi Apps. But, we have downloaded the game and have provided the APK for Xiaomi’s Survival Game. You just have to download and install the game as a normal APK on almost any Android phone.



Survival Game at just 194MB could be great for markets like India. While most budget phones in India can handle PUBG, there are many using the PUBG Lite on their low-end handsets. Survival Game could be the solution to all their problems. We’ll update more on this later.

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