VLC coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Roku, says VideoLAN’s Lead Developer

VLC Media Player might be coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch and Roku

One of the first things you install on a clean Windows installation is VLC Media Player. Why? Because it’s free and supports a lot of formats without any extra codecs. Now, we have news that VLC Media Player might be coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch and Roku.

VLC is already available on Windows, Android and even on Xbox One.

If you do remember, last year, VLC had a clash with Huawei for it’s aggressive Memory Management measures. Thankfully, it was fixed.

VLC for Nintendo Switch

Switch, as a portable gaming console is currently Nintendo’s top selling product. Sales figure of the Switch is almost comparable to the PS4. But, when it comes to media playback, Switch is still in the 19th century.

Apart from YouTube and Hulu, Switch doesn’t have any other video players. So, Switch users can’t play their personal videos yet.

VideoLAN is the non-profit parent company behind VLC Media Player. Their Lead Developer, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, talking to VentureBeat mentioned of his plans to bring VLC Media Player to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Roku devices.

While PS4 has it’s own Media Player that supports common formats, Roku can play videos too. So, a Media Player like VLC is more a necessity for Nintendo Switch than the others.

VLC 4.0: Native VR, AirPlay, better HDR playback

Kempf also told that VLC will receive an update dubbed 4.0 in a month’s time. This update will bring native VR video support. This means you can watch your VR videos easily without any modifications.

VLC 4.0 will also support Apple AirPlay. So, Android users can now stream their videos to Apple TV.

This update also guarantees better scaling and playback of HDR videos. VLC already added support for HDR videos in AV1 format in version 3.0.6. Version 4 will make it better.


VLC Media Player that started out as a side-project by some College students, is currently the most popular Media Player. The best thing is VideoLAN, after all the success, is still a non-profit organisation. They also reached 3 billion downloads at CES 2019.

As for VLC on PS4, Switch and Roku, it remains to be seen if Sony and Nintendo allow it.

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