Is UPS for PS4 necessary? Answer inside with reasons!

Is UPS for PS4 necessary?

I have found this being asked a lot. Hell, I was confused at a time thinking if it’s important to have a Battery Backup, Inverter or a UPS for my PS4. I tried posting online and received mixed reactions just to add to the confusion. So, I did a little research on my own, the first step of which was asking Sony.

Sony’s answer to if the PS4 needed a UPS

I asked Sony Support via the Live chat option. The agent told me that PS4 didn’t need a UPS or a surge protector and went on to say that the “PS4 won’t work on a UPS” or a surge protector. That, it’d work only when connected directly to the power outlet. It sounded ridiculous to me and when I questioned further, he wasn’t able to answer my question as to “why.” Instead he linked me to the official Specs page. Check the screenshot of the chat below:-

Screenshot of Sony's answer to if a UPS for PS4 is necessary over Live chat
Sony Support’s answer to if a UPS for PS4 is necessary?

Having had an unsatisfactory response from Sony’s Customer service, I put my thought process to work and came up with the following.

Is a UPS for PS4 necessary? Answered once and for all!

Short answer – A BIG YES! Sony Support said that the PS4 could easily recover after a power outage because the components were built that way. Though, the longer answer that comes with 2 reasons should convince you to get a battery backup or UPS for your PS4:-

1. Firmware upgrade

PS4 gets Firmware updates often (though not often as the XBOX). And, it’s well known that PS4 shouldn’t have it’s power supply cut or interrupted during the update process. Such an event has a very huge chance of bricking your console.

2. Hard Drive Damage

Your PS4 contains a Hard Drive (or SSD) and it’s well known that during a power outage due to sudden parking (uncalled for) of the parking head, it might leave scratches on the Disc. Though modern HDDs have a better way of dealing with it, overtime, power outages might damage your Hard Drive or especially SSD to the point where you have to get a new one.

Does PS4 need a Surge Protector?

If you checked the screenshot above, you might have noticed I asked Sony Support about the need of a surge protector. A UPS should already cover this, since most of them already have surge protectors inbuilt. But, if you don’t have a UPS, I would suggest you atleast get a Surge protector for cases when there might be an influx of unmonitored electricity into your console after a power outage or in case of a lightning which in most cases guarantees a fried console.

Will a Surge Protector and UPS work with my PS4?

In contrast to what Sony said and based on my personal experience the answer is YES! I have tried both of these and for me it does seem to work.


I believe the 2 reasons I have given you to get a UPS for PS4 is enough to convince you. If you believe there are still more reasons why a Battery Backup or UPS is logical, please comment below. Also, we do have a nice little article saying why the PS4 Slim is a better logical option than PS4 Pro for casual gamers in India.

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