Optimizing B2B Marketing Strategies by Coffeeland

B2B or Business-to-Business is a business whose transactions are carried out between companies. In contrast to B2C (Business-to-Customer) whose economic activities are carried out to consumers directly. But the same as B2C, this type of company also requires B2B marketing to introduce and market products or services to the target market.

Marketing carried out by B2B companies refers to various marketing activities or content aimed at other businesses. Marketing activities carried out by B2B companies are actually not much different from those carried out by B2C companies. But in its application, there are some things that should be considered by B2B business people.

What are these? You can listen in this article. In this article, a B2B marketing strategy will be discussed by Coffeeland, a business engaged in the service industry that helps other businesses build coffee shops.

A Glimpse of Coffeeland

Coffeeland’s business started as a coffee franchise company. But in 2014, the owner of Coffeeland, Micko Irwan, realized that the growth of coffee shops was mushrooming. Therefore he decided to change his business model. Currently, Coffeeland helps novice coffee businessmen to create coffee shops with their own trademarks. Not only that, but Coffee land also sells and supplies coffee shop raw materials.

Micko Irwan explained the services offered by Coffeeland started from helping to choose a strategic place, barista training, equipment, raw materials and coffee shop marketing strategies. Until now, Coffeeland has helped more than 70 businesses to build coffee shops in various regions in Indonesia.

Coffee and B2B Marketing Strategy

To market its business to be known by prospective coffee businesses, Coffeeland focused its marketing activities digitally. Namely building awareness through websites and social media. Coffee and makes the website as a means to provide information about its business, namely the services offered by Coffeeland. To attract the target to visit the Coffeeland website, do not forget Micko applies SEO strategies that can help increase website traffic.

“Now everyone has a cellphone, (because) all the information is on a cellphone, how can we direct people or attract people so that he can know (about our business), one of them is SEO. SEO can be through the website, through Facebook and Instagram, “said Micko.

The SEO strategy undertaken by Coffeeland is by uploading articles about coffee and the coffee business in Indonesia. In addition, Coffeeland also uses SEO services to improve website ranking in search engines with the keywords ‘coffee shop business package’ and ‘coffee business package’.

This strategy proved to be able to place the Coffeeland website in the first place with related keywords. Not only SEO on the website, but Coffeeland also conducts marketing activities on social media Instagram and Facebook. Marketing on social media aims to direct the target market on social media to visit the Coffeeland website.

Through SEO optimization on websites and social media, Coffeeland managed to capture its target market. When the target knows about Coffeeland and gets information on the services offered, then prospective Coffeeland partners contact directly to get more information. From there Coffeeland can be known by its target market and get partners.

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