Technical Guruji in trouble: Samsung Galaxy M, Redmi Note 7 drama explained

Is Technical Guruji favouring Galaxy M10 and M20 after hosting Samsung's launch Event while condemning the rival Redmi Note 7, saying it broke easily and has poor build quality?

I don’t usually post about drama happening in the technological word. But, you need to know about this. Is Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) in trouble? Is he favouring Samsung Galaxy M unfairly over Redmi Note 7? This article will explain what has been going on in the scene. I will explain all the When, Why, How, Where, etc.

If you are a person who watches YouTube videos before buying devices, you should definitely keep reading. Consumers rely on the reviews posted by Tech Bloggers. In India, Technical Guruji’s YouTube channel is (or was) considered an authority when it came to reviews. But, the recent events might have shown otherwise.

Technical Guruji hosted Galaxy M launch event

Samsung Galaxy M launched on 28th January in India. If you read our article or watched the Launch Event live on YouTube, you know it was hosted by Technical Guruji and Varun, a Samsung employee. This is where the problem started.

Reviewers and Tech Bloggers are supposed to give unbiased reviews of a product and fairly compare competitors. And, it’s not customary for reviewers to be hosting a launch event. At the event, Gaurav was seen praising the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 for a good part.

The whole event was like a conversation between Gaurav and Varun. So, Gaurav was asking Varun questions about the product and Varun would answer them adding phrases like “powerful,” “for the millenial,” etc.

I am not sure if it was done intentionally, but, it felt like the Technical Guruji was acting on Samsung’s part throughout the whole event. He also unboxed a Galaxy M20 at the event, which was pretty quick.

Why did Technical Guruji host Galaxy M launch event?

Whether there was any monetary incentive involved, we don’t know. But, a lot of people who watched the event are almost sure about one thing. Samsung used Technical Guruji as their host at the event to build credibility. The Guruji has a huge fan following in India. And, the best way to attract customers would be through an authoritative person.

Samsung Galaxy M20 at Rs. 7880

Galaxy M20 for Rs. 7880!

So, I am guessing Samsung asked him to host so that their new Galaxy M phones would gain traction as soon as possible.

A small disclaimer here. I have nothing against Technical Guruji or Samsung here. The Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 are great phones that are attractively priced. I am just explaining the events as they happened and nothing else.

Xiaomi on Technical Guruji hosting Galaxy M event

We knew Samsung was planning a budget Galaxy M series since a few weeks now. We also knew that Galaxy M was Samsung’s attempt at regaining their dominance in India over their rival, Xiaomi. I would also remind you that Xiaomi launched a 48MP Camera equipped Redmi Note 7 in China for $150.

Thanks to Manu Kumar Jain’s Tweet, we know that the phone is coming soon to India. After the Samsung Galaxy M event though, Manu had to say this:-

What Manu said can’t just be disregarded as a rant. He here alleges Gaurav of providing a biased review of the Galaxy M series phones. Though many were disappointed at the Guruji for favouring a company, the Tweet by Manu gained a lot of attention too.

Other Bloggers, leakers, etc. like Ishan Agarwal and Dhananjay Bhosale have also expressed their disappointment as replies to Manu’s Tweet.

Technical Guruji broke a Redmi Note 7, said it has poor build quality

Just a day after the Galaxy M launch event, Technical Guruji posted this to Twitter:-

This is what I call, the “last coffin in the nail”. The timing can’t be coincidential – Gaurav praising the Galaxy M series on one day and the next day, condemning the Redmi Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy M10 at Rs. 4880

Galaxy M10 for Rs. 4880!

He says, the Redmi Note 7 has “amazing specs, but poor build quality.” The problem lies in his assessment of the build quality of Redmi Note 7. If you search on YouTube, you can find a few videos of people using a Redmi Note 7 as a chopping board. That’s not the end.

Even before the phone launched, Xiaomi has been showing off the phone’s build quality. From what I know, the phone is pretty sturdy. We don’t know what the Guruji did with it. But, the following reply to Technical Guruji drew my attention:-


That’s where it stands for now. Xiaomi has been teasing the Redmi Note 7’s launch in India with slogans like, “Good things come to people who wait.” The Redmi Note 7 has already been reviewed by many tech bloggers and is said to be a great device.

Coming back to the topic, what do you think about this? Is Technical Guruji’s review biased? Was he paid by Samsung? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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