Swiftpoint Z Review: Still the best mouse in 2018 for gaming (mainly)

Swiftpoint Z review: Still the best mouse in 2018

Swiftpoint Z was launched in May 2017 and was the winner of CES Gaming Innovation Awards 2017. Today, after having used it for some months now, I give you a detailed Swiftpoint Z review and I am convinced that it’s still the best mouse in 2018 mainly for gaming.

Swiftpoint has a very limited product catalog with their first mouse being the GT, which won CES Innovation Awards 2015. And, of course, their latest mouse, Propoint, which is an upgraded GT. Swiftpoint has been a company giving us some award winning products and yet, most of us are unaware of it.

Swiftpoint Z: Features

  1. Tilt & pivot.
  2. Force sensors.
  3. 11 clickable buttons.
  4. Vibration feedback.
  5. Gyroscope sensor.
  6. Accelerometer sensor.
  7. Resonant actuator.
  8. OLED Screen.
  9. RGB Lighting.
  10. Inbuilt memory (256KB).
  11. 3 Years Warranty.

World’s first mouse with tilt and pivot

Yes, that title too belongs to Swiftpoint Z. As already explained in the specs, the mouse has a tilt feature and has force sensors too. You can use tilt to lean your character in shooter games and in racing games to steer your vehicle.

Swifpoint Z: Mouse, Controller, Joystick AND Keyboard in one!

Switfpoint claims the Swiftpoint Z to be 3 devices in 1 viz., mouse, controller and joystick. But, with a little bit of getting used to, I found it to be a 4 in 1, adding the keyboard to the list. The Z is capable of 50 different actions adding in the tilt and force sensing features of the mouse. After having tried different combinations, I was almost able to ditch the keyboard altogether.

Let’s begin with the detailed Swiftpoint Z review.

Build Quality & Design

Swiftpoint Z comes in a hard case with perfect slots for the mouse and the included accessories. The mouse itself is well-built. All the buttons are perfectly placed for ease of use.

Inside of Swiftpoint Z case with accessories
A look inside Switfpoint Z’s hard case

The OLED light placed on the left side has multiple display options. There’s also a thumb rest on the left side which is a nice little addition.

OLED display and thumbrest on the left side of Swiftpoint Z
OLED display and thumbrest on the left side

On a closer look, you’ll see the left mouse button is placed a little higher than the left. This allows for the perfect gaming experience in shooters.

Swiftpoint Z's left mouse button is placed higher than the right mouse button
Swiftpoint Z’s mouse button placement


The mouse performs very well for gaming. I have tried a few games with it and the tilt options is better than advertised. On games that do support it, tilt option makes your character lean towards sides. This makes gaming more real life like.

The mouse comes with an inbuilt ‘Desktop’ profile especially made for power users. This lets you switch between windows, browser tabs, closing windows with click of a button on the mouse. Moreover, you can also program the mouse buttons to perform actions like Copy (Ctrl +C).

Swiftpoint Z is the complete mouse. Apart from using it for gaming, it has also made coding and programming easier. Thus, it is recommended not only for gamers, also for power users and developers.

Ease of use

This is where new Swiftpoint Z owners with no prior experience may feel disappointed. The Swiftpoint Z driver interface is confusing in the beginning. But, once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun to experiment with.

Swiftpoint Z driver interface on Windows
Swiftpoint Z driver interface

The mouse comes with 3 pre-installed profiles called starter mappings viz. Desktop, Gaming gestures and Gaming analogs with a Global Defaults profile. Swiftpoint recommends going through these before you start working on custom profiles.

Another area where gamers could face issues is a lack of XInput (Xbox controller) support. Z, for now supports only DirectInput. Unfortunately, most modern games support only XInput. But, using a XInput mapping tool like x360ce, you can overcome this. I’d also like to add that Swiftpoint is aware of this and will add XInput support soon.


1. Tilt and pivot action

The tilt and pivot action works flawlessly on the Swiftpoint Z. The mouse is able to detect even minute tilts, lesser than 1°. So, it’s recommended to set the tilt not lower than 1° as it might interfere with your gaming. This might be different when using the included Flight extender stick.

The pivot action for now can only be used by combining with a button. This means it can work only when a button is pressed. Again, this is also very sensitive.

2. Force sensors

Almost all keys have force or pressure sensors, allowing deep click actions. The force is measured in %. This lets you assign a different action when a button is pressed and when the force on the button is 20%, for example.

3. Push and pull

The left and right Trigger buttons can be both pushed and pulled. And, an action can be assigned for when it’s pulled and when it’s pushed.

4. OLED display

The OLED display can display anything from custom text to live force (in %) being applied on a particular button to detailed position of the mouse on X, Y and Z axes. Though it’s a black and white screen, it’s very useful, for eg:- it can display the currently activated profile.

5. 256KB inbuilt memory

This is a very useful addition. This makes the Z a very portable mouse. With the ability of having profiles and their mappings saved to the muse itself, you don’t need to have the driver installed to use the mouse. Moreover, with this you can also use it on unsupported OSes including PlayStation and XBOX too!

6. Simple profile switching without driver

The mouse can store some profiles on it’s inbuilt memory. To switch between profiles, you don’t have to go into the driver software. You just have to raise the mouse to a height (maximum or minimum, which can be set in the Profile settings) to go into Config Mode. Use the Edge buttons to scroll through available profiles. When on the required profile, just place the mouse down to activate it.

Swiftpoint Z's config mode lets you switch profiles
Swiftpoint Z’s config mode on raising the mouse

The downside to this feature though is that you can’t disable this. And, if you pick your mouse a lot during gaming, it might be problematic.

7. RGB lighting

On the top side of the mouse, you’ll see the RGB lighting with Swiftpoint Z logo. You can set a static colour or can set it to keep rotating.

Switftpoint Z's RGB lighting set in a hexagonal shape with Z logo lets you choose colours with a palette
RGB lighting on top portion

The colours don’t look perfect given they do provide you a Color palette to choose the colour. You won’t detect a major difference between light and dark red, for example.

8. Multiple bases and Flight extended stick

One of the best features is the bases and accessories that come with it. They let you customise your mouse more.

Swiftpoint Z accessories including bases, grips and Flight extender stick
Swiftpoint Z accessories

They can be adjusted for better stability, sensitivity and the Lock out base will disable tilt if you don’t want to use it.

Swiftpoint Z bottom with adjustable tilt base
Swiftpoint Z bottom with adjustable tilt base


I hope you liked our Switfpoint Z review. I have used a few gaming mice from reputed brands like Logitech and Corsair. Swiftpoint Z’s customisability and features make it the best multi purpose mouse even in 2018, an year after it’s launch. And, from the way it handles almost every game thrown at it, it’s also the best gaming mouse I have ever used.

Stay tuned for the video review and more tutorials for the Switfpoint Z. In the meantime, check out Swiftpoint’s new mouse – Propoint.

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