Subor Z+ vs PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: Best gaming console for the price in 2018?

Subor Z+ comparison with Sony PS4 Pro and Microsoft Xbox One X. We see which is the best gaming console for the price

We found out that Subor Z+ is a Gaming PC/Gaming Console Hybrid running Windows 10. But, the architecture and design of Subor Z+ matches that of a console more than a PC. We already know everything about the Z+ from the unboxing video. It’s time we compared the Subor Z+ with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. PS4 Pro is Sony’s best console while Xbox One X is considered the world’s most powerful gaming console.

Subor Z+ vs PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: Comparison Chart

We will first compare the specs and features of each system with a Chart:-

Subor Z+ PS4 Pro Xbox One X
SoC Semi-custom AMD AMD Jaguar Custom AMD
CPU 4 Core, 8 Thread Ryzen CPU at 3GHz 8 Core CPU at 2.1GHz 8 Core CPU at 2.3GHz
GPU Radeon Vega at 1.3GHz, 24 CUs, 3.99 TFLOPs AMD Polaris at 911MHz, 36 CUs, 4.2 TFLOPs Custom AMD at 1.172GHz, 40 CUs, 6 TFLOPs
Memory 8GB DDR5 8GB DDR5 + 1GB DRAM 12GB DDR5
Storage 2 SATA 2.5″ Slots, SSD/HDD 1 SATA 2.5″ Slot, SSD/HDD (upto 8TB) 1 SATA 2.5″ Slot, SSD/HDD (Difficult to swap, voids warranty)
Optical Drive N/A 4K, HDR Blu-Ray Drive HDR Blu-Ray Drive
4K Yes Yes Yes
VR Yes Yes, with PSVR N/A
OS Windows 10 Enterprise IoT Custom Orbis OS based on FreeBSD Custom OS with Windows 10 Core
Dimensions 12.7 x 11.1 x 2.1 inches 12.8 x 11.6 x 2.1 inches 11.8 x 9.4 x 2.4 inches
Weight 7.9 Pounds (3.6kg) 7.2 Pounds (3.2kg) 8.4 Pounds (3.8kg)
Temperature on heavy load (Approx.) 30°C 42°C 67°C
Power Consumption on heavy load (Approx.) 185W 155W 175W
Noise (Approx.)
49dB 55dB 48dB
Controller Custom, Xbox like (sold separately) DualShock 4 Xbox One Controller
HDMI Ports 2 (One for Monitor, one for VR) 1 2 (One for Output, one Input)
USB Ports 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 3x USB 3.1 3x USB 3.0
3.5mm Port 2x (One for Headphone, one for Mic) N/A N/A
Launch Price Including sales tax – ¥4998 ($720)
Without taxes – ¥4148 ($597)
$399 $499

Subor Z+ vs PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: Detailed comparison

I have already listed the differences between each consoles in the Table. Now, let’s dig deeper and see if Subor Z+, the Hybrid Gaming PC/ Console can beat the best variants of current gen Gaming Consoles. To better assess this, I will be dividing the article into some subheadings:-

1. SoC – CPU, GPU

First, let’s consider the SoC these systems use. All of them use AMD SoCs and thus have AMD GPUs and CPUs in their core. PS4 Pro’s AMD Jaguar released back in 2013 and Xbox One X’s custom SoC in 2017 with the console itself. The Subor Z+ comes with a custom Ryzen CPU, and from the specs, it looks close to a Ryzen 3 2200G. The second generation Ryzen CPUs launched in April 2018.

From the above table, it’s clear that Z+ has a Quad Core CPU compared to the consoles’ Octa Core. But, the truth is Subor Z+ uses the latest Ryzen CPU architecture while the consoles use older AMD CPUs.

The same can be said for the GPU too. Though on paper, the Subor Z+ GPU has lesser TFLOPs than the consoles, it is clocked higher and uses the newer Radeon Vega Graphics. It’s too early to say anything here, since Subor Z+ drivers are still a work in progress. That being said, the Hybrid Machine will have to struggle to compete with the Xbox One X’s 6 TFLOPs.

Winner – Tie

2. Memory

With 12GB DDR5, Xbox One X is definitely in the lead. But, remember that this memory is shared between the CPU and GPU. Subor Z+ has 8GB DDR5 to share within its ecosystem. But, we saw in the earlier article how the Z+ had frame rate drops because of not enough power going to the CPU. To deal with such problems and other background apps, Sony added 1GB DRAM to the 8GB DDR5 on the PS4 Pro. For now, Subor Z+ doesn’t do a good job at handling memory requirements. But, this might change with stable driver updates. In this section, I believe PS4 Pro wins over Subor Z+.

Winner – Xbox One X

3. Storage

On both the PS4 Pro and Subor Z+, you can change your HDD and SSD by just sliding a part of the body out and removing 4 screws. The Z+ though has two SATA slots, so you could have both an SSD and HDD on the same system. The PS4 Pro supports SSDs, but has only one SATA slot.

The Xbox fails tremendously here though. Due to heavy game updates, Xbox owners complain of their Storage filling up pretty quick. But, replacing the Internal Hard Drive on the Xbox One X requires you to take the console apart voiding warranty. So, you have to use an External Hard Drive on the Xbox.

Winner – Subor Z+

4. Optical Drive

Subor Z+ doesn’t have an Optical Drive. But, it supports 4K. So, to watch your favourite 4K Blu-ray movies, you will have to shell out on a USB Blu-ray Drive. Similarly, though PS4 Pro has a Blu-ray drive, it doesn’t support 4K Blu-ray playback. It’s said, Sony did this to not affect it’s Blu-ray player sales. Microsoft has been generous here. Xbox One X supports 4K Blu-ray playback with HDR 10 support.

Winner – Xbox One X

5. VR (Virtual Reality)

PS4 has PSVR with a good collection of games. Z+ also supports VR. But, Microsoft never embraced the idea of VR on the Xbox One. Having said that, with some PSVR exclusives including Resident Evil 7, Gran Turismo Sport, PSVR is quite popular right now.

Winner – PS4 Pro

6. OS

Microsoft brings noteworthy updates to the Xbox One platform on a regular basis. PS4 users get updates after very long intervals and most of the time, they don’t bring huge changes. On the Z+ running Windows 10 though, you are guaranteed regular updates. We also learned that though it runs the Enterprise IoT edition of W10 Enterprise, all apps can be installed as on a normal PC.

Considering the flexibility Windows 10 provides on the Subor Z+, I really love it. I am just saying, you could use it for both gaming and office purposes. Who hasn’t thought of running a friendly OS like Windows 10 on a PS4 or Xbox One before!

Winner – Subor Z+

7. Heat, Noise, Power consumption

The data on the table regarding these was collected from reliable sources. But, when it comes to the noise on Xbox One X, there are conflicting reports. Some say, theirs is super silent, while others complain of a very loud device. PS4 Pro is known to run cooler but noisier than the other two. Though, the Rest Mode on PS4 consumes an unnecessary 50W, it seems to use less power than the other two when under heavy load.

Frankly, I don’t mind the noise. While playing a game with atleast some sound on, I never get to notice that. But, I love the fact that PS4 Pro runs cooler and draws less power.

Winner – PS4 Pro

8. HDMI Ports

Subor Z+ has two HDMI 2.0 ports. One of these goes into your TV and the other will be used for a VR Box. PS4 Pro only has a single HDMI port for Output. One X, like the One S has an HDMI Out like PS4 Pro, but also has an HDMI In. This can be used to pug in your TV receiver or other compatible (few) devices. The input from your TV receiver will be shown as a window on your Xbox UI. And, that is one of the most useless features I hate on Xbox One.

Winner – Subor Z+

9. USB Ports

Z+ has 4 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Xbox One X has 3 USB 3.0 ports. But, PS4 Pro has 3 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. Since you connect the PSVR via USB port, this is great. Moreover, if you have a USB 3.1 Hard Drive, you will get better transfer speeds.

Winner – PS4 Pro

10. 3.5mm Ports

Though neither the Xbox One X nor the PS4 Pro has a 3.5mm port on the console itself, the controllers (DS4 and Xbox One Controller) have these ports. But, still having dedicated ports for Headphone and Microphone separately as on Subor Z+ is always great, especially if you are a streamer.

Winner – Subor Z+

11. Gaming

In the end, we are comparing Gaming Machines. So, let’s see how Subor Z+’s gaming compares to the top consoles. With Windows 10 IoT, Subor Z+ gets access to Steam and Windows Live Games. Xbox One X lacks exclusive games compared to PS4 Pro, but many Xbox One exclusives are available on Windows. So, with the Z+, you get access to many Xbox One exclusives too.

In the end, PS4 has a bouquet of some exclusives including the latest Spider-Man, God of War, Uncharted 4 and more series. And, since these are optimised for PS4, you will get the best of gaming experience. Though console games are more expensive than PC Games, you get access to a lot of exclusives worth the cost.

Winner – PS4 Pro

12. Price

Price is definitely a factor here. Subor Z+ costs about $720+ in China. When it reaches other countries including US, the price will definitely go up, owing to the US-China Trade War. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are priced almost half of that. So, for gaming, I would still prefer a gaming console because you could get both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro with atleast a Controller each for the price of a Subor Z+ with a vertical stand.

UPDATE: Without the heavy Chinese sales tax, Subor Z+ would cost around 4148 Yuan i.e., roughly $597. This price is pretty good for the console. But, still it’s Chinese exclusivity will be a problem.

Winner – Tie between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Conclusion (Verdict)

On paper, Xbox One X is definitely the most powerful of the bunch. But, when it comes to gaming consoles, we have to consider games and price too. Considering every factor related to gaming including availability, exclusive titles, performance and more, I believe PS4 Pro is still the best option and is the cheapest among the bunch too. But, if you are in India, I suggest PS4 Slim over PS4 Pro. Find out why. I’d love to hear your opinions on this too.

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