Redmi 7 with 48MP Camera official images shared by Lei Jun, Xiaomi founder

Xiaomi Founder, Lei Jun shared official images of Redmi 7 with 48MP Camera, double 2.5D glass in 3 colours - Black, Blue and Purple/Red. The phone will launch on 10th January.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder shared a few official images of Redmi 7 with 48MP Camera, double 2.5D glass and more. Recently, Xiaomi announced that Redmi will be an independent sub-brand. The official ceremony is scheduled on 10th January in Beijing. As early as December 2018, thanks to Lin Bin, Xiaomi President, we knew Xiaomi was working on a Smartphone with 48MP Camera.

The poster on Mi’s website hinted at a new smartphone launching on 10th January. Considering all the facts, we already knew that a Redmi with 48MP Camera will launch on 10th January. But, till now, we don’t know if it’s a Redmi 7 or Redmi Note 7.

Most people think, the pictures shared by Lei Jun today are of Redmi 7. But, let’s not forget that a Redmi Note 7 with Snapdragon 660 showed up on Geekbench just yesterday.

Redmi 7 Official Images

Lei Jun shared the following images of possibly, the Redmi 7 on the Chinese Social Networking site, Weibo:-

The Weibo post in Chinese says the following:-



With Google Translate this is what it means in English:-

Redmi’s new mobile phone design, double-sided 2.5D glass + magic color gradient, look good?

Attach a real machine real shot, not a rendering, for reference.

As you can see, the images are not CAD based renders. Instead, it’s the actual phone. But, Mr. Jun calls it “Redmi’s new phone.” It’s saddening that he didn’t mention if it’s a Redmi 7 or a Redmi Note 7. But, the phone will launch in just 2 days. So, it doesn’t matter.

A closer look at the phone’s back reveals the 48MP Camera. Now, check this image from December. The camera with flash is placed vertically on the back. And, the text “48MP Camera” is placed parallel and just under it.

Thanks to Lei Jun’s post, we also know that the new Redmi phone will have 2.5D glass on both front and back. He also mentions a magic color gradient. I am guessing this is something similar to what Oneplus did with the Thunder Purple and Red editions of their OnePlus 6.

From the images, it is also clear that Redmi 7 will be available in Blue, Black and Purple(/Red). More colours might be available later.


The most interesting part of the next Redmi phone is the 48MP Camera. I can’t wait to see how good it performs. I can’t wait to see how Xiaomi prices this phone too.

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