Caution: Steam Accounts being hacked. Protect your Steam Account

Protect your Steam Account against being hacked

I hope you know already that the Steam Summer Sale has kicked off and there have been scattered reports of Steam Accounts being hacked. So, we suggest before you start shopping for your favorite games, you make sure you protect your Steam Account.

Beware of hackers during the Steam Summer Sale

A few reports here and there claim that clicking on a link from a suspicious source through email or friend request jeopardised their Steam account. This though unexpected, makes sense since the Sale is going on and hackers would hack accounts and use your Steam balance to buy Games.

Protect your Steam Account

It might take some time to recover your account with the help of Steam’s Customer Service, but you might miss out on some great deals in the process. Regardless, as the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” So, here we present a 3 step formula to prevent your Steam accounts from being hacked.

1. Set up Two Factor Authentication

Enable Two Factor Authentication by going to Account details. Under Account Security, click on Manage Steam Guard account security and set it up. This promises maximum security.

2. Change or set up a secure password

This step should be obvious enough. Change your password to a highly secure combination of small letters, capital letters, alphanumeric characters and numerals especially if it has been a long time since you changed it.

3. Do not click on suspicious links from suspicious sources

This goes without saying, whether or not there’s an ongoing hack fiasco. In general, do not click on suspicious links via email or via a personal message. And, if possible, accept friend requests only from people you know.


I am not going to take up more of your time. Enjoy the sales and spend your savings carefully (LOL! I sound like my mom). Check out the best offers at the Intergalatic Summer Sale.

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