Pixel 3A (Lite) with Snapdragon 625, 2GB RAM & Android 10 seen on Geekbench

Pixel 3A on Geekbench says it will have 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 625, Android 10

Google’s Pixel 3 Lite has been leaking a lot lately. A new Geekbench listing details a Google Pixel 3A with Snapdragon 625 SoC, 2GB RAM, running Android 10. Unlike the Pixel 3 leaks yesteryear, the budget Pixel 3 Lite phones have made their appearance on Geekbench and we also have hands on images of the Pixel 3 Lite.

The leaks rather than providing clearer information have been confusing us though. The first few live image leaks of the Pixel 3 Lite (Sargo) said it would have a Snapdragon 670 SoC. But, this Geekbench actually contradicts that. It doesn’t end there though.

The last Geekbench listing of the Pixel 3 Lite was seen only a few days ago. It listed the budget phone as “Google Pixel 4” with 2GB RAM and a mid-range Snapdragon SoC.

Pixel 3 Lite on Geekbench: 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 625, Android 10

Here’s a screenshot of the Geekbench listing in question. It mentions the phone as a Google Pixel 3A. That makes sense because a “Google Pixel 3a XL” showed up on Geekbench a few days ago.

Google Pixel 3A with Snapdragon 625, Android 10 and 2GB RAM on Geekbench

The phone scores 732 on Single-Core Benchmark and 3184 on Multi-Core.

The Motherboard says, “MSM8953” which is the Snapdragon 625. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 is a lower mid-range SoC seen in budget phones. The octa-core SoC is clocked at 1.8GHz. This is interesting because the Geekbench listing of the Pixel 3 Lite XL said it would have a Snapdragon 710 SoC clocked at 1.7GHz.

The discrepancies don’t end there. 2GB RAM (1833MB) will definitely be a huge disappointment in 2019. Google’s Pixel 2 and even the recent Pixel 3 suffer from Memory management issues with 4GB RAM. Google even issued an update in December, 2018 to fix RAM management issues. Even the recently released budget Galaxy M has 4GB RAM variants.

Right now, the only great thing about the phone is the Camera. And, I am saying this based on comments made by a Pixel 3 Lite leaker and user. Google Pixel 3 Lite and Lite XL are said to use the same Visual Core as Pixel 3. So, regardless of the processor the budget phone uses, you will get Pixel 3 like pictures with the Lite versions too. Practically though, an under powered processor and just 2GB RAM might slow down processing time of the photos.

Let’s move on to the last relevant piece of information that the Geekbench listing reveals – Android 10. We originally expected Android 10 to launch somewhere in September, 2019. And, Pixel 3 Lite may launch somewhere around May in India and earlier in USA. From this listing, it seems Google is already testing Android 10 versions on these phones. So, there’s a huge chance that we might have Android 10 much earlier than September.


We have a lot of information on our hands about the budget Pixel 3s (though confusing). The last piece of the puzzle is the pricing, which we have no idea about yet. Google made Pixel 3 Lite especially for the budget markets including India. Even though, it has Pixel 3 like Camera, whether it’s a hit or not depends on it’s pricing. Let’s see where it goes.

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