OnePlus 7 images leaked with renders: No notch; might have sliding Camera

Leaked images of OnePlus 7 show a sliding camera without notch

OnePlus has been working on its next flagship for some time now. Rumour is, OnePlus 7 might launch around May, 2019. Now, leaked images of OnePlus 7 have surfaced online. The phone in the image doesn’t have a notch. So, fans speculate that OnePlus 7 might have a slider Camera.

OnePlus 7 leaked image

Here’s the image of OnePlus 7 that leaked online via Coolapk:-

OnePlus 7 leak shows a sliding Camera without Notch
OnePlus 7 (left) vs OnePlus 6T (right)

As you can see, the OnePlus 7 (left) and OnePlus 6T (right) are in their industrial casings.

One of the first things we notice is the absence of notch. And, of course, the almost bezel-less edges. The bezels, though, look almost similar to OnePlus 6T.

On top, above the edge, there’s a very thin grill that looks like the speaker. These speakers are wider than those on the OnePlus 6T and almost as wide as that on Pixel 3XL.

OnePlus 7 Renders with Slider

Based on the leaked image, some designers have actually prepared renders of the OnePlus 7 with the slider. Here they are:-

OnePlus 7: Name and Expected specs

The earliest information we had about the next OnePlus says that it might not be called OnePlus 7. Instead, some believe that OnePlus might go with a different name for the first batch of 5G capable OnePlus phones. Maybe, a different series altogether.

So, the name “OnePlus 7” is a placeholder until we find out what they are gonna call the next OnePlus.

OnePlus is best friends with Qualcomm. This is quite clear with both companies praising each other at their respective presentations and launch events. And, the next OnePlus will be one of the first phones to feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 SoC.

Obviously enough, it will be 5G NR capable. And, will come with Warp Charge 30 or something better. Warp Charge, FYI is OnePlus’ superior fast charging tech that debuted on OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition.

Moreover, the McLaren Edition had 10GB RAM. On paper, Snapdragon 855 is capable of incorporating upto 16GB RAM. The next OnePlus will have a few RAM variants. But, expect to see humongous memory on the new phones.


If this leak is believed to be true, then, OnePlus 7 might have a motorised slider, unlike the magnetic slider on Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. This leak is just the beginning. Guessing from the leak patterns of the earlier OnePlus phones, we will have more definitive leaks soon. Stay tuned. Follow us.

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