OnePlus 6T McLaren ‘Speed Orange’ is the name of the OP6T with 10GB RAM

The Special Edition OnePlus 6T with McLaren could be OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Orange

McLaren is a company know for their fast super cars. OnePlus, on the other hand, is known for their super fast smartphones. It’s no wonder the companies decided to collaborate. We have come to know that the special edition OnePlus 6T with McLaren will be named OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Orange.

We already had information that this special edition will come with 10GB RAM and 256GB ROM.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Speed Orange is the official name?

The leak comes after Ishan Agarwal on Twitter revealed it. The phone, as learned earlier will launch on 11th December in Woking, England. In India, the phone will launch on 12th December, 2018 in Mumbai. This year also marks the 5th Anniversary of OnePlus.

A followup Tweet by him also claims that the name “Speed Orange” might be the name of the colour variant and not the phone’s name itself.

Why the name Speed Orange for OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition?

The ‘Speed’ in the name simply means fast, with 10GB RAM, as you’d expect. If you follow F1 racing, you would know the meaning of the term ‘Orange’ here. McLaren has a Formula 1 Racing team. Their official colour is Papaya Orange. Thus, this special edition has ‘Orange’ in the name. 

Apart from these details, we can expect a McLaren Logo on the back of the phone. A special UI is also being planned for the phone with McLaren and speed in mind. On the hardware front, specs will remain same except for the 10GB RAM. We’ll let you know of any developments in the scene.


10GB RAM on a smartphone is not something new. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a special edition 10GB RAM variant. Xiaomi’s gaming smartphone, Black Shark Helo also has a 10GB RAM variant.

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