OnePlus 6 Honest Review: The Flagship killer at half the price of a flagship

OnePlus 6 Honest Review: The Flagship killer at half the price of a flagship

I know I am late to the party. But I wanted to present a very detailed review of the OnePlus 6, “the flagship killer.” After having used the device for a month now, I guess it’s a good time to drop a OnePlus 6 Honest review. I will be reviewing the 6GB, 64GB variant of the OnePlus 6.


Before we jump into the detailed review, let’s have a quick recap of what’s under the hood:-

  1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with Adreno 630 GPU.
  2. 6.28 inches Optic AMOLED display (19:9 ratio).
  3. Dual Camera – 16 MP (f/1.7) + 20 MP (f/1.7).
  4. Dual Band Wi-Fi.
  5. Bluetooth 5.0.
  6. Dual 4G Standby.
  7. 3300 mAh Li-Po battery.
  8. Oxygen OS 5.1.8 based on Android 8.1.

Now, without further ado, here’s Techarim’s detailed, yet honest review of the OnePlus 6.

Build Quality & Design

The major portion of the front is taken by the notch and the 6.28 inch display, making it almost bezel-less. The sides of the phone are rounded. This sometime poses an issue on some phones where due to curved edges, finding a tempered glass is difficult. But, on the OP6, the curved edges don’t affect the screen.

OnePlus 6 curved edge on sides
OnePlus 6 curved edge on sides

On the back, you get a full glass back, which is pretty much useless on any phone. This makes the phone slippery without a case. While the glass back is attractive, it fails to deliver the premium look of an iPhone’s back. On the back, you also have the Dual Camera, LED flash and the fingerprint sensor, placed carefully.

OnePlus 6's full glass back
OnePlus 6 full glass back

The built quality in general is very good without any compromises, though the glass back is unnecessary.

Display & Video

OnePlus 6 6.28inch Optic AMOLED display
OnePlus 6’s 6.28inch Optic AMOLED display

OnePlus 6 sports a 6.28 inches Optic AMOLED display. The 19:9 ratio is no joke especially when it comes to watching YouTube videos. Videos are much better with the Fullscreen mode utilising the 19:9 ratio capable display.

With full HD+ resolution (1080×2280) at 402 PPI, and the colours look really vibrant. Though lesser than Pixel 2XL’s 538 PPI, the display doesn’t have any serious issues (eg:- screen burn in) yet and the display is great.

That being said, OnePlus could have made the reflective display a better because under sunlight, viewing becomes difficult. Apart from that issue, the display’s very good.


First of all, thanks to OnePlus for still keeping the 3.5mm port. Right now with major flagships dumping them, this comes as a major relief for the audiophiles.

OnePlus 6's bottom speaker, Type C USB port and 3.5mm port
OnePlus 6 bottom speaker, Type C USB port and 3.5mm port

The bottom speaker on OnePlus 6 can get really loud. And, the quality is really good for the music lovers. But, the quality gets bad when at maximum volume. I love the Pixel for handling this perfectly because the Pixel 2XL can get as loud as the OnePlus 6 without a compromise in quality. Moreover, I’ve hated the bottom speakers because they are a hindrance while gaming.

On the Audio front, OP6 could have been better, but the availability of a 3.5mm port is a good thing.


OnePlus devices’ Camera have always impressed one after another. The OnePlus 6’s Camera with great Camera app customisations is no exception. The Camera is capable of capturing almost every detail in almost every environment.

The Portrait Mode is awesome and with an update, it was also enabled on the Front Camera. The low light photography is definitely something that needs a special mention. We shot a white flower at night with the camera and the result is astonishing. OnePlus has definitely nailed low light photography with OP6 Camera.

Overall, the camera is good, but, I personally feel it “beautifies” everything instead of capturing the “reality“. I took a picture of myself on the OP6 Camera and it made me look really handsome (far from the truth). That’s when I realised pictures taken on OnePlus 6 camera make you look beautiful, which is desired. But, without certain customisations, the Camera fails to show you the reality. The colors look really vibrant, but, in some cases, I found the Camera to be exaggerating everything.

Video Recording

We recorded the unboxing and review of the OnePlus 6 on another OnePlus 6 and I am a fan of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) technology on this phone. You can watch those videos as proof of how good video recording is on the phone keeping in mind that we weren’t using a tripod or other equipment to stabilise it.

The Camera allows you to capture 4K at 60fps, but for a maximum time of around 10 minutes. While the videos are great, about 10 minutes of recording at 4K heated the phone up.

Performance & Software

I have always been a Vanilla Android fan. If you are like me, you will definitely fall in love with Oxygen OS, which is the closest experience to Vanilla Android. But, in my opinion, Oxygen OS corrects Vanilla Android’s faults and is much better than the latter.

The customisations OnePlus has brought to Oxygen OS 5.1.8 (based on Oreo 8.1) are so heavy and useful that, it can easily outperform Vanilla Android and almost every other company variant of Android OS. The best example of this can be seen when you go into Recents and try to open the oldest app in the list. Unlike other phones where the app needs to reload, Oxygen OS handles it so well that the app will open at the exact position you left it at. Also, I didn’t notice a single lag or performance issues in the past month.

OnePlus 6 recent apps list
OnePlus 6 recent apps list

Regarding the update frequency, in less than a month, we’ve had 2 or more updates. This just proves that OP team is working hard to make OnePlus 6 better. Though you won’t have security patches updated as frequently as the Pixel 2, with OP6, each update is ought to make your phone better.


With a powerful Snapdragon 845 and Adreno 630 GPU, OnePlus 6 can run the most demanding games easily. We tried some games including Asphalt 8, PUBG and Need for Speed: No Limits and noticed no lags at all.

Playing PUBG, gaming on OnePlus 6
PUBG on OnePlus 6

We also tried keeping Asphalt in the background while running PUBG and still, no performance issues while getting back into Asphalt or vice versa.

The worst part about gaming on the OnePlus 6 is the bottom speaker, because while gaming, your hands will cover the speaker up.


The 3300 mAh battery handles the phone very well. Even with Battery eating features like Face unlock, Location, etc on, I was easily able to get one full day of usage or more. And, the dash charger makes charging very easy. With the supplied dash charger, I was able to charge my phone from 15% to 100% within 90 minutes.

Special Features


The Notch has become so mainstream. And, I consider the notch one of the most useless feature second to curved displays. But, it’s good that OnePlus 6 has an option to switch it off.

OnePlus 6 Notch
OnePlus 6 Notch

Face unlock

Face unlock has been implemented very well. It won’t work if you have your eyes closed, which comes in handy when someone has knocked you unconscious and is trying to unlock your phone. The unlock takes place almost instantly, within a fraction of a second, which is great. The phone was even able to detect my face when it was upside down.

But, I did face issues when setting it up and for some faces, it doesn’t work at all. Another disadvantage is you can have only one face registered.

Very quick Fingerprint sensor

Having come from the Pixel 2XL, I found OnePlus 6’s fingerprint sensor extremely fast and super sensitive. It’s easy to setup and the rear mounted location is convenient for everyone.

OnePlus 6 fingerprint sensor
OnePlus 6 fingerprint sensor

Final Verdict

No doubt, this is “the Flagship killer” at half the price of a flagship. There shouldn’t be any second thoughts if you have plans to buy the OnePlus 6 because I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. I have pointed out some drawbacks and compromises made on the hardware front, but Oxygen OS is so well optimised that these compromises will never be a hindrance to the user. And, keeping in mind, Oxygen OS is frequently updated based on users’ feedback, there’s nothing to worry.

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