Xbox Series X and S Pre-orders Sold Out Instantly at Amazon & Flipkart


The new generation consoles by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X, and S pre-orders were recently started in India and have sold instantly. The company vice president Phill Spencer said in an Interview that the preorders for Xbox Series X/S sold out very instantly in India. As we have never experienced such sold consoles in the market like this before.

He also mentioned that the new generation consoles will reach the Indian market as soon as possible. The consoles were sold out on e-commerce websites like Amazon India, Flipkart India, and Reliance digital. The vice president of Xbox has also mentioned that we are expecting a high volume of pre-orders in Japan.

As Sony hasn’t confirmed it yet that when will be the PS5 console rolled out in India, but we could expect it on November 19. Providing the new generation consoles across the different markets is a big challenge in this pandemic, but Sony has faced quite hurdles to provide the PS5 and PS5 digital in India.

Sony is bringing the new PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 digital to the Indian market somehow on November 19. However, Xbox Series X and S sold out in a high quantity as they were not expecting such sold in Indian Market. The pricing depends on the Edition, the Xbox Series X cost almost 49,900 while the Xbox Series S cost 34,900 in India.

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