Xbox Game Pass streaming planned for PC and Consoles said by Phil Spencer


Xbox Game Pass users having a membership can easily play the Xbox Game Pass games on their phones or tablets. The company earlier introduced Project xCloud, where the users can get access to their console games on there phones and tablets.

To stream the Xbox Game Pass games you need to have an Android phone (at least Android 6.0), and Ultimate Member Ship (costs 15 bucks), an Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth compatible), and an internet connection of 10 Mbps (recommended).

Just like other streaming options, xCloud isn’t necessarily a console replacement. Recently a tweet was posted on twitter asking about the Xbox Games Pass streaming on consoles and PC. Twitter user @RealBenGilbert posted and said that this could be more helpful to have the Game Pass streaming on Console and PC, so there will be no need to download the game.

In response, the Xbox head Phil Spencer mentioned that

“Yes, we want to do this. It is in the long list of cool things the xCloud team is working on, just a bit further down the list. But we need console and PC players to be able to browse as likely as mobile players, it is a good game pass feature”.

This indicates the possibility of Xbox Game Pass streaming on Console and PC. This might take some time as it is on the long list, but at least the company has planned to bring it. This will be easier for Console and PC users to play without downloading the game. It is expected to see the game pass streaming on Console and PC in near future.


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