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WWE Undefeated now available on Mobile devices globally

Danny Peterson



WWE Undefeated now available on Mobile devices globally

WWE is bringing its fans yet another fascinating game and this time, it’s an amusement especially for the WWE fans. Although many wrestling games are already available for the players, this is something special as the developers are providing them with real-time head-to-head matches.

The trailer of WWE Undefeated was initially released in Nov and it was promising enough. The game is now available and it surely lives up to the expectations of the fans. They can now obtain renowned characters like The Rock and The Undertaker. The game will have a card collecting system and will be played in 2.5D animations. On a quick look, the games resemble the WWE 2K Battlegrounds that was launched a few months ago.

Like all other video games, players will be able to customize their characters as well as upgrade the moves to eventually win the battles. They will get to experience epic 1v1 online battles. This will be a tough competition among other wrestling games.

Those who are watching Wrestling for decades finally has the chance to play a WWE exclusive game on their smartphones. The player can choose their favorite WWE characters and can showcase their epic moves that we have seen on Live TV. The Undertaker, Kane The Rock, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and much more available in the roster to choose from. Plus, the mobile app is free to download so the users do not have to pay any penny. This is the first WWE introduced a game on mobile phones. The WWE Undefeated is now officially available on Android and iOS devices.

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