The iPhone 12 mini might come with the Apple B14 chip

Apple iPhone 12 models to be unveiled in the coming month, which means the wait is almost over. As from different rumors and leaks it is also in hearing that Apple is going to introduce a new iPhone 12 mini to the iPhone 12 line up. Earlier a tweet has been shared by a tipster @MauriQHD, that Apple might introduce the iPhone 12 mini with a B14 chip to make it affordable.

This specific device would be the smallest iPhone amongst the upcoming models. From Tom’s Guide report, it is cited that the 5.4-inch model would have a B14 chip, and the reason for that it to make it energy-efficient and affordable.

As the iPhone 12 mini might not have the 5G support nor will have the A14 chip. While the other models will be featuring 5G as well as the A14 Bionic chip. Also, the iPhone 12 model will be featured by 7P lens modules as well as Sony LiDAR lenses.

As this is not confirmed yet, but if the iPhone 12 mini comes along with the B14 bionic chip, then this may be possible to see the B14 chip in the future  SE Plus and  SE3.

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