Sykkuno gained 620,000+ Twitch followers in 30 days Record

The current pandemic changed the flow of everything including money and popularity around the world. As it proved to be drastic for many, it was actually a blessing in disguise for some. Among the latter are the internet personalities because that’s where the people around the world were tended to during lockdown. Streamers earned a great deal from this opportunity and one of these is now a famous Twitch Streamer who goes by the name Sykkuno.

Twitch provides a streaming platform and one can find a great number of gamers there. Sykkuno is one such streamer who gained much popularity recently. He has been a member since 2019 but there was a huge spike in his fan following in past months. According to a report, he gained 620,000 followers in the last 30 days!!!  After this massive increase, he is at number 6 among the most followed Twitch streamers. This puts him easily above the top streamers like AuronPlay and Ibai Llonas. Many fans believe him to be at number 1 because those having more followers than him are Twitch’s own accounts and they are said to have bot followers.

The credit for such a huge fan following goes to his recent collaborations with popular creators. He recently streamed Among Us with other popular streamers like Valkyrae and Pokimane. Not only that, but he also streamed with the most popular YouTuber Pewdiepie. He had such great influence that even American politicians were seen streaming with him although it was for the purpose of raising awareness about voting. Sykkuno has also joined hands with the Offline TV crew and also played other famous games like Minecraft and Valorant. Of course, many fans like to give credit for his success to his charming personality and soothing voice. Those too are major factors in being influential.


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