Sony PS5 Restock India: Grasp the opportunity before it runs out of the stocks

Getting the next generation console nowadays is not a piece of cake. It is quite hard to have one, without any hurdles. As several restocks happen earlier, but they run out of stocks within few minutes. The reason is Scalpers using bots. The last restock happen recently in India with limited stock.

Anyhow, finally the wait is over and there is some good news for PlayStation lovers. The next PS5 restock in India is almost here and will be live on July 12 from 12 pm onwards as according to sources.

The pre-stocks are expected on different retailers stores in India, you may get the restock on Amazon India, Flipkart, Croma, Vijay Sales, Sony Shop AtSC, and Game The Shop.

As the date has been revealed by IGN India, while other sources have also confirmed it and it is likely to happen on July 12. To get your hands on the Sony PS5, you must be on time before the stock arrives. Try to pre-order as soon as possible, this will increase your chances to grab the next-gen console.

Sony Playstation 5 Digital

The most favorite console comes within two variants, the PS5 Digital and Standard. However, the difference between them is, the Digital Edition doesn’t support BlueRay Disc, as there is no Disc Drive.

You have to purchase every game online (Digitally). You can’t play PS5 or PS4 games that come in the discs on Digital Edition. The Digital Console isn’t compatible with all the games that come in disc formats.


In India, the price of Digital Edition is 39,990 INR. Which is 10,000 less than the Standard Console.

PS5 Standard Console

As the PS5 Standard is the upper variant having Blue Ray Disc Drive. Which means you can play games using discs. Despite this, the internals of both Editions is the same. Whilst, the Standard Version of PS5 is also compatible with the PS4 disc games. While in Digital Edition you won’t be able to play the disc’s versions of all games you have purchased already.


In India, the PS5 Standard Console price is 49,990. So be ready and be on time, as you may get the console this time. Best of Luck.

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