Sony PlayStation PS4 system software update 8.00 releasing today

Sony PlayStation is going to drop a new system software update 8.00 for PS4 consoles today. The system software update will include new avatars, messages features, flexible Parental control, and more. Sony has announced the new update 8.00 of PS4 will release today.

Sony PlayStation PS4 System Update 8.00

  • Part and Messages
  • New Avatars
  • Flexible Parental Control
  • Two-Step Verification
  • Removal of Event Creation
  • Updates to Remote Play on PC & Mobile

As this new update across PS4 will include new avatars, so the player will be able to set their desire avatar on their profile. The avatars will be inspired by such favorite games as The Last of Us, God War, The last of us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Uncharted 4, and Bloodborne.

With this new update, the players will also be able to quit their mics while playing. The option has been added to “Quick Menu”. If you want to disable the mic then simply go to the Quick Menu and click on Mute Mic.

Another feature of Party and Messages has been added to PS4. Instead of different groups setting across both apps, the users can simply start a Party chat with the one’s they have chatted previously on PS4. Regarding Security, the company has also added a two setup authentication.

PS4 users will be no longer able to create a private community on the PS4 community app. Even the event creation has also been removed, also existing events created by others.

This new update has also been fetched to Remote play, and also the company has added another option for PS5 connection. Those who have a PS4 console with a wired connection should update their console.

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