Sony deletes ad presenting an Upside down PS5

Sony had recently posted a commercial video on its official Twitter account. In which a father and a son were interrelating before the father sat down to play an action-adventure game known as God of War. However, the most annoying thing in the ad was placing the PS5 console Upside down, which got the attention of fans, later on, Sony deleted the video from its account.

The story behind this deletion is quite an inconsequential flub. The Ad presents the PlayStation 5 in an upside-down image. In the comparison of this Ad, the right display method is the right-side-up. Anyway, this presents a practical interface.

The authorities did not pay attention to the managerial release. The Ad actually explained the playing adventure of the Sony PS5 console.

The only aspect to note in terms of the Bluff ad is that the players will have to insert the disc in an upside-down way. Whereas, in contrast, the practical approach regarding the USB ports was also wrong and implemented the opposite appearance. 

Actually, the presenting issues are all the things that the audience concerns about. It definitely affects the reel working of consoles.

Although the flub is not that much notable by the ordinary people as it got deleted by the authorities of Sony Interactive Entertainment, so people especially showed concerns regarding it.

After the deletion of Ad by the authorities, it has not yet been posted again. Storytelling in the Ad was the best content for the audience as they seek what they see. 

So, this sort of orientation is totally something interactive in the frame. This would play a revolutionary role to spread the right directional usage, but SONY Interactive entertainment did not repost it. 

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