SafeMoon is going to be the center of attention

SafeMoon the decentralized crypto coin is constantly gaining its market value. The BEP-20 token launched on Binance Smart Chain becomes the number 3rd on the Binance platform.

According to TheStreet, The coin has a circulating supply of over 585 trillion, with a market capitalization of $2.9 bn. The supply is huge in number and would rise up in the forthcoming.

Similarly, the investors are trying to push the value to Dogecoin, recently on Twitter with tons of tweets about #Dogecointo1dollar. However, the 2013 meme-based coin has gained some serious iterations, while a lot of investors had invested. Believers said it can go up to the mark such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Despite this, the new emerging coins are gradually rising, because of their huge supply and low price value. If we take the example of Shiba Inu, it recently surged up and is expected to hit 0.50 cents soon.

Furthermore, investing in coins like SafeMoon, SafeSpace, and Shiba will be worthwhile. However, investors should be patient and wait for the right time.

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