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Red Dead Online will be available as a Standalone game on 1st December

Danny Peterson



Red Dead Online will be available as a Standalone game on 1st December

Rockstar Games have decided to separate the Red Dead Online multiplayer game. This means that players will purchase the online version that will not be a part of reading Red Dead Redemption 2, like before. Starting from Dec 2 players will get the standalone version via PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Store, and Steam for 4.99 USD for a limited time. This offer stands until Feb 15, 2021. Then, players are going to purchase the game for 19.99 USD.

Red Dead Online Availability

Announced officially on the Rockstar Games website. In 2018, originally came in the beta version after the release of the single-payer shooting game Red Dead Redemption 2. Many people complained about issues that emerge in the beta form. However, Rockstar Games successfully updated the game and fixed the issues. The game is also having an upcoming update of Bounty Hunter Expansion. Where players will see new features and thrilling adventures.

Players who haven’t played the game earlier can fight against the opposition in fierce battle modes and Objective made game. The game will also available on the Next-gen consoles and players can experience the ultra-high 4k graphics via backward compatibility. However, you still need large storage space because it takes around 123 GB of memory for download. Just like Warzone, Red Dead Online is not suitable for low memory devices. Either players can upgrade their system or they should find an alternative.

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