Pubg Mobile 1.2 update Runic Power full features explained

PUBG Mobile has always managed to produce quality content for their huge mobile gaming community. The popularity of the game has set an immense number of records in less than 2 years.  Developers have done an amazing job with time to time new downloadable content for players.

Pubg Mobile 1.2 update introduces Runic Power mode. This game mode is available for a limited period. Unique game mode will give thrills in battles and hard challenges for battle royal players.

Pubg Mobile 1.2 update Runic Power mode features

The runic power mode is not the typical feature of the popular battle royal title. Rather it is new and different from other game modes. In this, players will able to use superpowers a special ability to use on the battleground.

When players will start the game, they will have to select one Rune from different energy types appearing on their screen.  Each has its own unique operator skill to use against the enemies and defeat them.

Players are required to collect crystals during the game in order to use a particular Prune skill.

Type of runes and their Functions


Summon Energy Skill- A wheel burning of fire slowly damages the opponent when it touches them.

Boost skill – Burning animation effect on ammo for a short time.

Arctic Rune

Summon Energy Skill Builds an ice wall and each block of ice will help to get protection.

Boost skill- Freezing effect on ammo for a short span

Wind Rune

Summon Energy Skill- A shield made up of wind that reduces the bullet effect from outside for protection.

Boost skill- Increases movement and reload speed while fighting the foes.

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