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PUBG Season 10 new trailer revealed featuring New Haven Map

Madison Klotz



PUBG Season 10 new trailer revealed featuring New Haven Map

Although the source for such massive popularity of PUBG is the mobile version it is equally played among PC gamers. Also, the partnered streamers have a major share of this. So for all these fans, PUBG just released an epic action-packed trailer that sure is a treat for them. A teaser was released some time ago and now.

What better environment for action than a dark and gloomy background!! That’s what is coming in the new season as the trailer showed. According to a tweet, the volcano-centered Paramo map will end with the end of season 9. It was actually very popular among the players as it added to the thrill and intensity of the battle mood.

New Features Coming In Season 10

The teaser showed mainly an abandoned and catastrophic city that fits perfectly to the mood of players. The location showed a concrete tunnel and then a giant armored ammo packed truck was seen roaming around. Loud noises of police sirens were also heard which means cops are also expected to be involved in this mode. That’s where the new slogan “Hide Seek Survive” fits in the picture. New mountain bikes and long-range pistols have also been introduced increasing the killing capacity of players.

To improve the gaming experience of players, 60 fps is now available to run on new devices like Xbox series X and PS 5. The new season is mentioned to be launched on Dec 16 for PCs and Dec 17 for consoles. PUBG is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox ONE AND Xbox series X, and mobile devices among some others.

Madison Klotz is Senior Editor at Techarim. She previously worked for Crunchbase News as Editor in Chief as well as The Next Web, TechCrunch, and Mattermark.

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