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PUBG player was caught and got banned during livestream on Twitch

Danny Peterson



PUBG player was caught and got banned during livestream on Twitch

PUBG has been among the top popular games since it first appeared in 2017. The game has already reached high milestones in the hearts of millions of players. Players are addicted to its Regular battle royale theme gameplay. In 2018, the PUBG Mobile game was officially released for mobiles. Pubg Mobile quickly gained the title “face of mobile gaming” with more than 110 million downloads on Google Play and Apps store.

However, like Call of Duty Warzone and COD Mobile the game has been affected by a large number of cheaters and hackers. The problem and complaints are less right now but, still, some cheaters are appearing and ruining the gameplay for other players.

Cheater banned in real time from r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

PUBG Cooperation and Tencent games formed an AI system called which will identify and ban the cheater at the same time. It was named Project Ban Pan. According to the Player’s feedback, the system successfully decreased the length of cheaters from the game.

PUBG player “Vesprine” got banned during livestream on Twitch

During the last 24 hours, PUBG player was caught red-handed and got banned by the PUBG community manager during the Livestream. That Player Goes by the username “Vesprine” who is known for being a cheater for a long time. Vespine has been banned in the past because he created multiple accounts to use hacks.

More than 100 people were watching the stream and one of the chat members reported online. After that, the community manager received multiple requests about Vesprine’s hacks and he banned him as the stream was ongoing and left a message in chat “Peace loser”.


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