PUBG Mobile to introduce new Metro Royale mode with Metro Exodus

PUBG Mobile is going to introduce a new Metro Royale mode to the game very soon. In August, PUBG announced its alliance with Metro Exodus, a popular first-person shooting game based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels. Following this, PUBG is set to launch the exclusive Metro Exodus crossover event on November 10. The new battle royal game mode is known as Metro Royale. Players can explore the new game mode features as the update is arriving on November 10. The Beta version released earlier, but, more updates are coming from the developers.

As per details, players will able to experience the gameplay with two new maps, new load-outs, a black marketplace, new monsters, Librarian, and also a brand new Tikhar Rifle. Also, Tikhar Rifle is the classic automatic Sniper Rifle used in Metro Exodus. The Rifle has the ability to damage the enemy with the smallest air pressure. All new horror-themed game mode is limited and players will have the chance to get limited-time rewards in the upcoming update.

Tikhar Rifle

Players will fight against the classic Monsters and Librarian from Metro Exodus. Librarian is a tough monster and the players will have to attack and retreat. Otherwise, the monster will kill you as described on PUBG’s official website. New dangerous and dark areas have also introduced called “Radiation Zones” and these areas are filled with mutants making it hard for the players to survive.


Players will get the new weapons and loots to use them to upgrade the weapons for more power. New backpacks are also available for the players to unlock. As there are no such full features of the new update revealed yet but in that regard, we will be updating you regarding the new Metro Royale mode other features in the near future.

Pubg Mobile Metro Royale Environments


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