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PUBG Mobile Season 17 leaked new features & rewards revealed

Madison Klotz



PUBG Mobile Season 17 leaked new features & rewards revealed

PUBG Mobile remained a matter of controversy as it was insanely addictive especially among teenagers and was banned by many Govts around the world including Indian and Pakistani Govt. But the public demand made the ban to be lifted and since then PUBG Cooperation introduced a new version i.e. PUBG Mobile India for the players of the region. Now the developers have announced the launch of another new version termed PUBG Studio that will be available worldwide and will be a uniform platform globally. In addition, the player data will be saved by Krafton from now on.

Another matter of interest is that now China will no longer be controlling the servers. Instead, the whole control is now being shifted to South Korea.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Leaked rewards

PUBGM India is soon bringing season 17 of the game for its players with all new features and character outfits. Here’s what we know so far about the season rewards and other leaks:

Pubg Mobile Season 17

Image Source: Classified YT

This season is going to have a demon and warrior based theme. Although the final announcement is yet to be made by the developers.  A new outfit showed amazing animations and features that will be a huge surprise for the fans. A new headgear shows demon based look that will now be available for players in a platinum tier.

Pubg Mobile S17 release date

Image Source: Classified YT

Along with that, fan-favorite AWM gun skin having a splendid look will also be available for players with just a gold tear. Last but not the least, an ace tear parachute that has a catchy season 17 logo was also seen.

Pubg Mobile S17 rewards

Image Source: Classified YT

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